Russia Arrests Chinese Spy
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  • Scott

    I was recently reading Kissinger’s book “On China” and he thought the reason China was open to the Nixon’s initiatives in 1971 was they feared war with the USSR. I had not been aware of that previously.

  • There won’t be a Beijing-Moscow axis in anything more than rhetoric. But a Washington-Moscow axis?…

    Is it time to reverse the Nixon-Kissinger triangulation? Instead of opening China to balance the Soviets, is it time to embrace the Russians to contain the Chinese?

    Is it time to let past and future President Putin have his new “Eurasian Union?” Russia has always feared the West (and with Napoleon and Hitler’s invasions), one can well understand why. But the future threat for them is the East where despite China’s “One Child” induced demography problem, China will still encroach on an even more demographically depleted Russia.

  • Luke Lea

    When I bummed across Siberia in 1960’s (having slipped my Intourist guide more or less by accident) the East Asian demographic presence was everywhere obvious. You saw it in epicanthic folds on most of the working-class faces you met.

    I don’t know my Siberian history very well (or at all actually) but I do know Russia lay claims to these regions “by right of conquest” only a couple or three centuries ago; and that China does not recognize them all. Perhaps WRM can enlighten us?

  • Steve M

    Ah, just like the good old days.

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