More Storms Brewing in Europe
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  • Kenny

    Mr. Mead, the EU is a mess and can you imagine what the situation would be like if the U.S. was not providing security for the whole bunch of them.

  • Thomas in Texas

    “D-markcrats” Ha! Best pun on Via Meadia to date.

    We have to laugh or else curl up in a fetal position with despair.

  • Kris

    “eighteen percent of Germans would back a party to return to the D-Mark”

    Guess the Euro-party’s over…

  • Jim.

    WRM, could we have some analysis on whether the presumably mighty German economy could actually afford to bail out the Southern countries?

    After all, Ireland is in trouble because its government agreed to eating the poisoned stew that was their banking system.

    Could the South Eurozone’s debts similarly overwhelm the North’s strength, if the North tried to cover for it?

    And if there is a significant risk of that, what Prime Minister — public servant of a sovereign people — could ethically ignore that risk?

    On the other hand, if you can come up with a convincing argument that it really would be worse for Germany if they protected their own interests rather than choosing to follow Greece off a cliff, I’d like to hear it. Please forgive my skepticism, though.

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