Great Game: Japan & Philippines Hold Hands And Glare At China
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  • Jason

    The sooner an East Pacific version of NATO is formed the better. Even Vietnam and Indonesia have very negative relations (historically and currently) with China.

    It seems like the Chinese military is too taken by it’s own “rise” to realize the paucity of it’s own strategic situation and the worthlessness of its “allies”. Rather like Germany a century ago.

  • China, bringing Asia together.

  • Kenny

    “It seems unlikely over time that China will indefinitely accept this situation with resignation and calm — but it remains unclear what, in the absence of a collapse in US power, it can actually do.”

    China can do next to nothing, Mr. Mead.

    As for a Pacific version of NATO, forget about it. The U.S. is broke; no more freeloaders.

  • Japan and the PI will be important players (as will Vietnam and others), but the Great Game in the South West Pacific mainly will be between China and India, with the US playing the role of Off Shore Balancer (hopefully with a thumb on the Indian side of the scale).

  • Jason

    “As for a Pacific version of NATO, forget about it. The U.S. is broke; no more freeloaders.”

    Kenny, what on earth are you talking about? NATO is a military alliance, not a charity service.

    Besides, the US already has major security commitments to many countries that would be brought into any Pac-Rim version (e.g. South Korea, Taiwan); and India would function as the backbone, much like West Germany did in NATO.

  • Yui Yuen

    This is tellibre news. We Chines no rookie fol plobrems with neighbols. We l peacefur peopre and no wantee wal ol otghel plobrems. Why Japanese arways want confrict with glate and mighty China?

  • Jim.

    China can do very little, *if* the US has any backbone at all, and *if* we show any will at all to keep up our military budget.

    If the legions get recalled to Rome from the remote islands of the periphery, darkness may fall sooner than anyone expects.

  • Jeff77450

    @Kenny: Jason didn’t say that the U.S. would pay for a Pacific version of NATO or even necessarily participate in it.

    @Jason: I agree, Japan, Korea, the Phillipines, Vietnam, India, etc. need to join forces.

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