Pirates In The House
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  • “it seems more likely that the Pirates will be remembered for raising issues rather than winning power.” I read your story and looked up their platform which raises issues aplenty along with calls for lots of free stuff.

  • El Gordo

    They want, among other things, unlimited free education (if you want to spend ten years as a university student, no problem), free bus and subway rides for everyone, no more copyrights, more civil rights but total freedom of information (easy to see how these will clash) … The more pertinent question is what a culture will be remembered for that gives a bunch of kids 9 percent of their votes.

  • Joe

    They are out of their minds. They are simply too elementary in their thinking to understand that without copyrights, people hesitate to create anything for fear of it being stolen. On the other hand, they demand “datenschutz”. I guess their datenschutz only extend to stuff they don’t really want for their visual and musical amusement.

    Somebody tell them that there is no such thing as an “entitlement libertarian”.

    Being an overaged non-producing adolescent wanting nice, perfectly functioning cities to amuse you and transport you despite your doing nothing to make it that way is not a philosophy. Being a gamer and sellign Android apps is not a profession that can be organized for the purposes of collective bargaining.

    The scary thing, is that this is the nation’s future braintrust.

    Their platform is basically a letter to Santa Claus, which is entirely normal to most young Germans before they actually end up working and subsisting off of their own earnings.

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