Rahm Emanuel To Unions: [Redacted] You
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  • Anthony

    Blue Model sustainability certainly no longer viable since financial crisis Sept. 2008. Yet, union members not aware generally of model’s obsolescence and leadership appears averse to honestly leveling with public employee unions (including police&fire) regarding structural economic difficulties.

  • Corlyss

    You know, it happens to every group, special interest, advocacy group, that ties itself to a single party for so long. For decades, the Democrats have milked the black community for votes, kept them on virtual urban plantations with the programs that pour money into activist coffers which rarely dribbles down to the guy in the street, and saddled the American taxpayers with the bills for these preferential programs. And what have they to show for it? Lousy schools, astronomical illegitimacy rates, permanent residency in the underclass, no hope of getting out of the cycle. And still, like automatons, they vote Democractic and reject the Republicans. Why, most of them even believe that Republicans created and prosecuted Jim Crow laws, thanks to a cleverly perverse “education” system.

  • Corlyss

    Anyd by the way, I believe the welfare reforms instituted in the 1990s at the insistence of Republicans were repealed when the Dems took the Congress back in 2008. I didn’t hear a peep out of the black community.

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