Solar Power Pollution Causes Riots in China
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  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    I am reminded of the unintended consequences of any interference in the free enterprise system. We see this in famine years, where the best farmers in good locations make windfall profits, which allow them to expand and grow more in the following years. And the interference by NGOs who ship in tons of food to feed the starving, which local warlords steal and sell on the local markets, depressing the prices, stealing the best farmers profits, and ensuring that next year will be a famine year as well. And so the NGOs with the best of intentions, are interfering with Supply and Demand, supporting corrupt warlords, and perpetuating starvation in the world’s poorest nations.
    The economy operates best when the burden of the Government Monopoly is lightest.

  • Corlyss

    Nothing is quite so satisfying as watching envirothugs almost come to blows about solar panel arrays in the logical locations, i.e., vast deserts like the Mojave. The one set of greenies wants them there, the other set objects to the environmental impact on sensitive desert ecosystems.

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