Libyan Bloodshed Mars Wilsonian Joy
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  • Dave Cavena

    One wonders if, indeed, we “won,” “on the chaep,” or otherwise, Dr. Mead.

    The Administration’s purpose, as stated, was to avoid bloodshed. The result seems to be at least as much, and possibly more, bloodshed. On the metric of avoidance of bloodshed – which was our goal, not ideology or regime change, right? – if bloodshed has been increased by our intervention, then we have failed in our stated goal, not won.

    And now we have the ultimate historical irony: After decades of discussion, blame, excoriation by Blacks of American presidents ignoring mass casualties in black Africa simply because of the race of the victims, while journeying all over the globe to protect non-Blacks, America now has in-office its first Black president… and his undeclared “war,” his non-Congressionally-authorized “kinetic” response, his anti-leftist foreign intervention, has resulted not only in not saving Black Africans, but in actually increasing their casualties.

  • Fred

    So the Libyans are slaughtering each other already, eh? I’m having a heart attack from not surprise.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    I agree that most revolutions fail, and that most of the Arab Spring revolutions will simply be the replacement of one Tyrant for another, when the Tyrant falls at all. But cultures change at glacial speeds, and as an early result of the American Cultural Attack in Iraq, the Arab Spring can only be seen as a Victory. The Islamic cultures now seek to see Tyrants receiving justice from cages in court rooms, and purple fingers raised in victorious democracy. The frozen and stagnate moribund Islamic cultures of the Middle East, are moving in our direction. And while the Islamo fascists like the Moslem Brotherhood may be able to pretend to lead the parade from time to time, they have already lost.

  • Bard Raptor

    Wonderful post. I was let down, however, by the timid final paragraph

    “Our advice to future presidents confronting this kind of choice: think and think again before starting something you may be unable to stop.”

    I am sure Team Obama thought a lot about about this. Can Via Media post its real opinion of what should have been done?

  • Fred

    Dream on JL. The Middle East will continue to alternate between anarchy and tyranny at least for the foreseeable future. My own opinion is that they will never give up their “loved Egyptian night” as Kipling put it. They are like children, if they don’t have a strong man kicking butt, they’re lost. All they’ll do is slaughter each other. They simply don’t have the cultural and historical wherewithal for democracy. I doubt they ever will.

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