A European Climax Draws Near
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  • Disaster in the making

    I love how the solution to problems caused by usurping power from national governments(in many cases, against the will of the people)is to usurp more power from national governments. There is no way uniform fiscal policy will work in Europe. The economies and cultures are too different. And as the article makes clear, the all-knowing bureaucrats are keeping this quiet because they know the people don’t want it. But hey, why listen to these commoners as opposed to the very elite experts who created this problem in the first place?

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    The situation isn’t that similar, the forces that pushed the American states together are absent in the European states. While the forces pushing the European states apart are overwhelming.

  • Luke Lea

    Batten down the hatches. Unlike the sub-prime mortgage crisis, which came on gradually as it dawned that a lot of these borrowers were never going to repay their loan, when Greece (most likely) announces default it will be a shock heard round the world. Everyone will head for the exits at one time but by then it will already be too late. Get your money out of the stock market while you can.

    Caveat: I am a complete amateur as an investor and have never been right yet.

  • Luke Lea

    Incidentally, what’s happening with the Euro is a great argument for a return to the gold standard. Then nations coordinated their monetary and fiscal policies whether they wanted to or not. Didn’t matter that they spoke different languages.

    I’m not a gold bug, but . . .

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