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  • Soul

    As mentioned in the past, at some point I’m hoping to take up karate. I’m thinking this for a few reasons; it would be fun and have me out of the house, my nephews like it, but also that I’ve thought America is more likely to be a dangerous place during these tough, uncertain, economic times. It probably will be a good idea to have some self defense skills.

    I read an interesting comment today about the riots in the UK and Europe compared to what has happened in the US. It was mentioned that, in the persons opinion, in Europe riots and violence will probably last longer compared to the US. The reasoning being we have greater access to guns in the US. Gangs will fight against each other, killing each other off, as has happened in the past. I think it was blogger Steve Sailor that theorized this.

    Not exactly the way one would like to see a possible growing violent situation handled. But might be true. Hope it never comes to that.

    I have not received the book yet, but believe Mark Steyn’s new book discusses a more violent America in the near future.

  • Anthony

    America, with all its flaws and imperfections, takes on the semblance of the best of all possible worlds in a fashion that Voltaire’s Pangloss could not have imagined. Consequently, American blacks must realize their future lies with the health of the nation – not with any specific programmatic action by congress/government. For better or worse, all Americans (black, white, etc.) are stuck with political and capitalistic democracy and our future lies with the rise or fall, the decline or recreation of American economic ability to create social wealth – flash mobs or not, there will be no social revolutions (unless our rationale as world power reconfigures) in America because historically the nation is an evolutionary society in its very nature.

  • Corlyss

    “Many American whites think race relations took a decisive and irreversible turn for the better when President Obama took office. Many Blacks disagree, and a new Gallup poll shows how differently American Blacks and whites view the current state of civil rights in the US. 59 percent of Blacks say the government needs to do more to improve the social and economic condition of African Americans, compared with only 19 percent of whites.”

    Well, [gosh]! Of course blacks don’t think the country has done enough for them! Once you start giving preferential treatment to one group (only now we give it to about half a dozen), what kind of leader in that group, or member either for that matter, would ever want to end it???? Blacks are losing ground to Latinos, also a group with preferential treatment, and will probably factor that into their analysis for why they should receive preferential treatment . . . in perpetuity, Amen.

    At what point can we, the ones who don’t get preferential treatment and never owned or abused a slave, much less the living members of that group that gets preferential treatment now, get to say, “We’ve done enough. Time for you to sink or swim on your own. G’bye and good luck.” I’ll tell you what the blacks think. “Never! We haven’t gotten the preferences for the amount of time that slavery ruled here.” Regretably, I don’t find that a satisfactory answer, especially when I’m supporting Latinos, Native Americans, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Aleuts & related tribes, the urban permanent underclass, and immigrants.

    This policy is nuts!

  • Corlyss

    “As mentioned in the past, at some point I’m hoping to take up karate.”

    You know, you might want to rethink that. To use karate, your attacker has to get close enough to lay hands on you. Now laying on of hands is a fine tradition, but I think sounder personal defense dictates that you want to stop the threat before it every touches your person. Unless you live in a jurisdiction that effectively prohibits self-defense weapons, like a gun, you might consider obtaining one. For home defense, a shotgun is the best weapon because when you’re woken up in the middle of the night by an intruder, you don’t want to be thinking about aiming. Your nephews might think it cool too if you taught them proper gun-handling etiquette and took ’em shooting at the range. Just a thought. I don’t want to start a fight about 2nd Amendment or gun rights.

  • Kirk Parker


    You might want to rethink your own advice. At typical inside-the-home distances, you need to aim a shotgun just as much as you do any other firearm. And I would never encourage someone to get a firearm instead of other self-defense training. Instead they complement each other fairly well, especially if you go for Krav Mega or something else similarly designed for actual defense.

  • Kirk Parker

    The police don’t really know what to do about all this.

    That’s ok, it’s not really their job, and I’m not sure I’d want to live anywhere that the police force was so large or omnipresent that it could in fact *prevent* such things. Instead it seems to be the sort of thing that can only really be dealt with by the unorganized militia–i.e. each and every one of us.

  • Riff

    @ Anthony- Thanks for the sentiment. If we could just get away from theses stats and flippant remarks or slogans like:
    “blacks don’t think the country has done enough for them!” (Which blacks? Who? What blacks have told you that personally?).

    Americans don’t get out very often and the problem with many non-blacks is they see what they come looking for, which fits the frames they’re comfortable with. 1. Hollywood 2. The nightly news images of black criminals who mostly terrorize Black communities (but somehow that gets lost) and we aren’t nearly as interested in protecting those people as we are in keeping the criminals away from the “us” and would consider those terrorized as collateral damage in the process. Hiding behind “well they need to get their community together”. 3. In front of the cameras, that scurry to any “community leader” or spokespersons for answers to questions about “the Black community”, there’s a sound bite and people at home shake their heads and mumble “those blacks” and walk to the kitchen.. 4. Social science research by the more enlightened but misinformed. That’s probably the extent of it for many.

    It’s why I don’t take personal and understand the sentiment of a comment like: “blacks must realize their future lies with the health of the nation – not with any specific programmatic action by congress/government”; but the problem is that it assumes blacks don’t already believe and realize. This position is based on very little information. Throughout the black culture I’ve encountered through my social and professional life; at events, seminars, reunions, conventions, etc.; I have yet to meet these people who believe in programmatic action by congress/government or social programs-even the “street hustler” knows better and wants more.
    To the extent blacks want “programs” its more likely: A. Perk or Jobs program for a small few “spokesperson”, “leaders” or “stakeholders” (not the community) B. Better than starving. C. There is very little evidence in Black American history that Blacks can reference, in its dealings with “white folk” on a group level, that reassures them that without a strong congressional/government enforcement mechanism, there could be much progress. It’s a matter of trust and it takes longer than 40yrs. Forget slavery, how about the first 100yrs 1865-1965 through reconstruction to the GI Bill to Bull Connor? Blacks haven’t forgotten that a large part of the nation had to be dragged to the table kicking and screaming.
    I have rarely met many who didn’t realize their future lied with the health of the nation. Blacks know “The ways of White folks” (Langston Hughes) and all too clearly how their fellow countrymen feel about them during economic down turns.

    It was right leaning policy that put walls around and concentrated blacks then others showed up with the bag of left leaning programs.

    The community never wanted or asked for inefficient programs and always preferred what the rest of the nation took for granted, over handouts. Blacks never wanted bad policy/program process just so stakeholders and opportunist could take something back to the community as evidence of their status.

    The congress/government blacks want is one that keeps the foot off their necks, protection from criminals and the tyranny of the majority; those aren’t programs they’re provisions. The Whites that have the trust of blacks are dead White men; the constitution is what blacks relied and depend on.

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