Too Darn Hot For Clear Thinking?
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  • Jeff77450

    George Will and others have made the valid observation that the Earth is *always* either warming or cooling. Something that people on both sides of the climate-change issue agree on is that pollution in general is bad. Let’s work to reduce pollution. But that brings us to another problem:

    The proximate (immediate) cause of pollution are things like cars, factories and coal-fired power-plants. But the ultimate (preceding & root) cause is people, more-and-more people each & every day. For several decades there has been a school-of-thought that long-term the Earth can support about one-billion people. Until we can get the Earth’s population on a glide-path downwards pollution will most likely worsen.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    Yeah! Walter this is the strongest I’ve seen you against the BS that is Global Warming. Let’s charge them with crimes against humanity, and have them in front of the world court. Scientific Fraud, defrauding humanity of money and time.

  • Luke Lea
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