Karachi Violence And The Existential Crisis of Pakistan
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  • Anthony

    Karachi as described fits Peter Berger’s Patrimonial Power: The Eternal Return of the Tribe. Questions is can Islam preclude patrimonial alliances to maintain geographical Pakistan? Or will bleeding/disintegration generate more secular regional concerns in fastly moving world? Given trends as cited…is there much time?

  • Kris

    But but but… How can that be? Pakistan is defined and bound together by Islam, and Islam is a religion of peace!

    “Interior Minister Rehman Malik made matters worse by suggesting that the vast majority of murders were committed ‘by angry girlfriends or wives.'”

    A truly laughable cover-up, when we all know that the true culprits are teh JOOOOOS!

    “Both the Pashtuns on the hill and the Urdu speakers below … claim the other is more immoral, more heavily armed, more barbaric”

    Speaking of Jews, this reminds me of the old joke about the Rabbi… (If necessary, see first paragraph of http://www.slate.com/id/1005956/)

  • Luke Lea

    “We are not evolving into nationhood. We’re breaking up into ethnic groupings,” says Amber Alibhai, secretary-general of Shehri, a pressure group that campaigns against rampant land-grabbing in the city. “The social contract between the citizens among themselves and between the state has been destroyed.”

    Check this out.

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