Scott Walker Planned Wisconsin Fair Riots?
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  • Richard F. Miller

    Expect more of this.

    The Obama forces were one of several groups contributing to the “screech in” at the Wisconsin statehouse. One thread of speculation has been that, absent the ability of the president to run on his record, the Wisconsin controversy (with attempted replications in Indiana and Ohio) was intended to create a narrative for ’12: Elect those Republicans and they’ll dismantle your safety net.

    Despite a generous media assist, it didn’t work. Judge Prosser was handily re-elected and the Senate recalls failed to retake that body.

    What’s next? If you inhabit a post-modern world, simply change the narrative. Who knows, reality might just follow.

    The new narrative (actually, the bastard child of the old narrative) was reported this week in Politico: “Kill Romney.” And while you’re at it, kill the Tea Party.

    Democrats at all levels of the food chain are heavily invested here. They have to defend 22 Senate seats and a rout of Obama is likely to shift that body into Republican control. For example, that means that John (“Tea Party Downgrade”) Kerry would lose his Senate Foreign Relations chair.

    Professor, thinking outside the box is one way to describe these risible Walker-did-it comments. Another approach would be call it panic anxiety attacks.

    Alas, Zoloft won’t help here.

  • Jim.

    Is his name pronounced “ZAY-nee”?

    Hey, it’s possible. It blew me away when I heard about a trader named “MADE-off”.

  • Gosh, it’s hard to argue with such well-researched and documented evidence. Perhaps Mr. Abraham never heard of Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER). I’ll bet they could tell him a thing or two about the rent-a-demonstrator process.

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