Debt Deal Sour Spot
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  • Eurydice

    I had written a long screed about how President Obama’s desire for compromise is at war with his desire to manipulate his political opponents into looking bad, but I finally decided that Obama is just a procrastinator – like students who wait until the last minute to write their term papers and say “Oh well, that’s the best I can do under the circumstances,” without acknowledging that they helped create the circumstances.

  • Luke Lea

    I haven’t read Spengler in a long time and know he can be nutty, but this piece certainly speaks to one of the recurrent themes on this site, including this post.

  • stan

    I’ve never seen any evidence that the president has any instincts for compromise. He clearly has no experience compromising. All I’ve ever seen from him is slander of those who oppose him.

    We should also not that genuine compromise requires that he have some coherent offer on the table to compare to the other side. Obama steadfastly avoids ever proposing anything concrete — healthcare, stimulus, financial reg, debt deal were all done in Congress. He’s never put a serious proposal on the table on anything.

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