China to God: Watch Your Step
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  • Jim.

    Look, if they don’t want truly weird ideas like the Tai Pings cropping up, supporting churches with established orthodoxy is a good thing, not a bad thing.

    Chinese leaders should look (once again) to European history for guidance – the Investiture Controversy’s resolution was a stable one. And if they don’t want to find themselves as contrite supplicants waiting barefoot in the snow for the Church’s forgiveness, they’d be best advised to jump to the solution (which would, truly, benefit all of China).

    The bloody Catholic / Protestant conflicts had also been resolved (apart from the nationalist ones such as Ireland) by the middle of the 17th century, and non-bloody conflict resolved in England by the 1830s, and elsewhere in Europe sometime between the two dates. The fears of modern hordes of bloody-handed Christians, or Christian tyrants, are basically a bogeyman designed to scare schoolchildren (all the way up through college) into rejecting religion.

    The Chinese are more intelligent than that, it seems, with the news of their intelligentsia adopting Christianity in large numbers. It should be clear that if the social lessons of European history can be learned as well as the industrial lessons of Europe were learned, Christianity can be embraced in China with care but without concern by China’s population and leadership.

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