Germans Jump To Murdoch's Defense
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  • Toni

    Condescension (at best) and contempt for ordinary citizens is a blue attitude, not a red one. For example:

    1. Barack Obama’s diagnosis of Penn. voters as bitter clingers to guns and religion to explain why they vote for the GOP. Taped unknowingly at a fundraiser because he’d never dare to say this to voters to their face.

    2. Energy Sec. Chu on why the unwashed must be forced off Edison light bulbs: ““We are taking away a choice that continues to let people waste their own money.” I.e., people incapable of figuring out how best to spend their money.

    3. The whole of Nickel and Dimed: On Not Getting By in America, in which ordinary folks are portrayed as dumb, weak, and otherwise misguided by beliefs of which the very blue author disapproves.

    4. The thesis that something is the matter with Kansans because they vote red, not blue, and this is because they’re too dense to understand that they’ve been hornswaggled by Republicans.

    In short, the blue technocratic elite thinks very little of Jane and Joe Q. Public. That’s why they have to regulate, regulate, regulate. Jane and Joe can’t be allowed to choose for themselves.

  • Um, Toni — you do realize you’re agreeing with WRM, right?

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