Obama In Asia
Published on: November 9, 2010
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  • Luke Lea

    I just can’t see it. Asia is so big and so far away, and we are so broke and so over-extended, how can we expect to have much influence in that part of the world?

    I’d rather see all the G-20 countries minus China use the WTO and trade legislation to enforce international norms. Sounds crazy I know.

  • RJGatorEsq.

    I realize that there is a lot that I could criticize Obama about (who couldn’t?). However, there is one idiosyncracy of his that is irritating.

    Doesn’t this guy EVER lower his nose?

    Dude–you just got your butt handed to you. How bad was your disaster? Titanic-hitting-the-iceberg bad. Your platform in 2008 consisted, in large part, of how we had to be humble. Show some humility.

  • Luke Lea

    I thought this was an interesting comment from s.o. over at FT:

    lark | November 8 12:02am | Permalink

    The WTO, globalization, and free trade agreements have done nothing but undercut the wages, benefits, and security of American workers. We have been forced into debt by stagnant wages. China has manipulated their currency to grab manufacturing capability and we are left with a bankrupt economy and a financial sector on steroids.

    It is time to end this nonsense now. It is time for tariffs.

    We should not be distracted by shrill demands and complaints from the Chinese – they buy a billion $$ every DAY. So they want a different reserve currency than the dollar? Let them lift their capital controls, allow yuan convertibility, and free up their financial sector. That is called putting your money where your mouth is. But they won’t do it, because they don’t want the consequences. They want to brow beat the USA into carrying their water. Won’t happen. That system done broke down.

    Remember this: we can re-industrialize simply by selling – to ourselves.

  • Agreed, but like they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day. That puts the broken clock at..let’s see…500+ days x correct twice a day = 1000+ times correct…about 1000 times more correct than the most brilliant man to ever hold the office of US President.

  • For Obama and his incompetent foreign policy team, this trip to India has been a pleasant surprise. Of course it has had more than its share of moments of idiocy, incompetence and ideological demagoguery, but hey, sprinkled among those embarrassing moments, Obama actually did some halfway intelligent things in India and hasn’t wholly thrown away the brilliant efforts of the Bush administration to realign the geopolitical firmament where India is concerned. Still, the tone of the Indian press shows clearly that in spite of Obama’s decent moments in India, his reliance on the ubiquitous teleprompter, his smug arrogance and his unprecedented entourage have rubbed many in India the wrong way. I would at best call this a qualified foreign policy success, but in today’s Obama-led America, even a qualified success is something to breathe a heavy sigh of relief over.

    Which says a whole lot about what Obama has done to the image of the USA in the world. The most enduring image from this trip may well be Obama’s disco-mania while Putin was driving a formula one race car. The contrast in the images of the two leaders could not be more striking, and the timing was obviously no accident. Obama continues to demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of how the real world of geopolitics works. We will likely be decades trying to recover from the inept, incompetent and ideologically driven foreign policy of this man. But yes, in this singular case he managed to do a bit more good than harm. Yippeee.

  • Bryan Travis

    The Dinesh D’Sousa interpretation is more plausible. Obama reaches out to colonized third world countries out of his antipathy for the western world. Bush reached out to India as a rising, English speaking, democracy, as a counterweight to tyranny and and anchor for civilisation in that part of the world. These are two wildly different motivations, however it may look on the television.

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  • K2K

    Mr. Mead should have waited until the trip was complete. India was the sort of high point.

    Obama may “understand, [but he definitely does not] or care for, the foundations of American power.” [let alone patriotism]

    Our first post-modern, transnational, multicultural President can, by definition, never be comfortable projecting American power in any venue.

    yeah, lowering that chin would be helpful…

    More helpful would be a serious import-replacement re-industrialization strategy for America. Will we EVER see ANYONE on Obama’s advisory team who has a clue about why manufacturing matters? Besides Ron Bloom, who is not a close advisor.

    America is now a nation of lawyers and health-care aides, which appears to be the way the Democratic Party sees the future. The post-industrial economy is a myth without the broadband infrastructure (coming to my Massachusetts Hilltown in 2-1/2 more years, maybe), and a serious manufacturing economy. Just ask Germany. Oh, no, Obama just asked Germany to limit their exports. clueless. absolutely clueless.

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