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Episode 10: Russia Looms over Ukraine While the West Dithers

Good afternoon, listeners!

Events in Ukraine—and their far-reaching geopolitical implications—are enough to make one’s head spin. But fret not, dear listener, for we’ve got the cure for what ails you, in a easily-digested 23 minute .mp3.

Episode 9: The End of the Middle East Peace Process?

Has John Kerry hit an irresolvable impasse in the Middle East? And what does the rise of the far right in Europe mean? Aaron David Miller and Walter Russell Mead discuss these issues and more with host Richard Aldous in this week’s episode.

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Episode 8: The War on Norms and a Want of Women in Foreign Affairs

In this week’s episode, host Richard Aldous speaks with Walter Russell Mead about what WRM calls the “War on Norms,” before turning to Mara Tchalakov to discuss

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Episode 7: Obama's Trip to Europe and the Decline of Erdogan

In this week’s episode, Richard Aldous speaks with Henri J. Barkey about Erdogan’s remarkable ability to alienate, before speaking with Walter Russell Mead about Obama’s trip to a G7 summit in Europe.

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Episode 6: The Crimean Vote and Pakistan's Move Toward Saudi Arabia

This week, Richard Aldous speaks with Lilia Shevtsova about the recent referendum in Crimea, before turning to Walter Russell Mead to discuss what a warming relationship between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia means for stability in the Middle East. Subscribe, download the episode, and enjoy the conversation on your commute home this evening!

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Episode 5: Crisis in Crimea, Blue Civil War, and the Minimum Wage

In the fifth episode of The American Interest Podcast, Richard Aldous and Walter Russell Mead discuss Crimea, fractures in the Democrats’ ranks, and what the debate over the minimum wage misses. Stream the discussion on our site, or click through to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. It’s perfect listening for your commute home this evening.

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Episode 4: Putin Turns the Screw in Crimea

Richard Aldous and Walter Russell Mead discuss Putin’s invasion of Crimea in this week’s podcast. Listen in to find out what Russian aggression means for nuclear proliferation, Obama’s foreign policy legacy, and Beijing’s calculations.

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Episode 3: Ukraine's Historic Week, Income Inequality, and Social Mobility

This week, Richard Aldous talks with Walter Russell Mead about what lies ahead for Ukraine, before turning to the thorny issue of income inequality here in America.

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Episode 2: Syria, Venezuela, Republicans, and the Pivot to Asia

In this week’s episode, Richard Aldous and Walter Russell Mead discuss Ukraine’s historic week and America’s inequality problem.

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Episode 1: Sochi, Putin and Russia's Ambitions

In this first episode of The American Interest Podcast, host Richard Aldous and Walter Russell Mead discuss Russia’s global ambitions with the Sochi Olympics as the backdrop.

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