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Reflections on Elizabeth II
Breakneck Change in Tumult-Filled Times
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  • johngbarker

    Yes indeed, God help us all.

  • ljgude

    63 years ago I walked with the other pupils of the Sarah A Porter School in Langdon New Hampshire a couple of miles up the Hemlock Road to the house of a family who had a TV who had invited us to watch Elizabeth’s coronation. You could just make out the carriage through the TV snow on the TV as the man of the house rotated the antenna to try to get a better picture. Things sure have changed some.

    • f1b0nacc1

      Better TVs, same queen

      • ljgude

        Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the Northern New England mode of communication. The meaning is carried by what is not said. That’s why I put ‘New Hampshire’ in.

  • RAS743

    Nice piece. I’m wondering if you failed to complete a thought. Not how this graf ends:

    “During Winston Churchill’s political career, the pace of change accelerated still farther. Radio didn’t exist when Victoria died; Elizabeth II’s coronation would be televised. Fascism and Communism conquered more than half the world. The British Empire fell. Nuclear weapons transformed international politics and cast a shadow over the human future that is still darkening today. 2500 years of imperial history came to an end in China. The British lost India. Hundreds of millions perished in the two most destructive wars humanity had ever known. The United States became the supreme global power. Stalin and Mao instituted the most monstrous and murderous dictatorships ever seen. Jazz swept the world; modernism swept the arts. The automobile age changed”

    • Rose Roberts

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