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Bad Journalism/Bad Advocacy
NYT Spins Racial Discord with Bad Evidence
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  • Andrew Allison

    There’s been a full court press to focus on race since August 2008!

    • Pete

      The has been a full court press to focus on race from the Negro perspective since the late 1960s.

  • wigwag

    Pot meet kettle.

    Isn’t spinning racial discord with bad evidence precisely what Via Meadia did just a couple of days ago in it his post about Donald Trump? Didn’t you parrot an article from the Federalist which claimed that the Trump campaign was little more than a “white identity movement?”

    How exactly is your spinning of racial discord any different than the spinning of racial discord by the New York Times?

    • Anthony


    • johngbarker

      I read your previous posts on Trump. At first I did not take Trump seriously, but I have changed my mind; for good or ill he is not going away since he expresses so much of what I hear about government from nearly everybody who is not part of the elite. Please continue your analysis.

      • MisterEd13

        I hope wigwag stops here. It is already too long,

      • Hominid

        Trumps messages are the right ones and even his style is refreshing, but the man is a huckster and not competent to be President.

    • Tom

      That’s not quite what Domenech said, and I thought the article title was badly chosen.
      The actual article was more about nativism than anything else.

      • wigwag

        Maybe, but Domenech was pretty specific; he said,

        “Ultimately, Trump presents a choice for the Republican Party about which path to follow: a path toward a coalition that is broad, classically liberal, and consistent with the party’s history, or a path toward a coalition that is reduced to the narrow interests of identity politics for white people.”

        That sounds to me like Domenech is suggesting that the Trump campaign is a white identity movement. Via Meadia agreed. In my view that means that both Domenech and Mead are guilty of race baiting which is precisely what Mead criticizes the New York Times for in this post.

        Mead and Domench are wrong on so many levels. Is Trump’s support strongest amongst whites? Sure it is, but the same thing is true of most if not all of the GOP candidates. How deep is Bush’s support amongst blacks? What about Christie? What about Walker or Fiorina? What about Carson for that matter? While I haven’t seen any polling, my bet would be that Trump has more black support than any of the other GOP candidates. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if Trump had as much or more Latino and Asian support as most of the GOP presidential candidates. If the Trump campaign represents a white identity movement then the entire party of Lincoln represents a white identity movement.

        Secondly the suggestion that the Trump campaign risks turning the GOP into a version of European far right parties is ridiculous on its face. Exactly how much do the European parties have in common anyway? Is the UKIP in Great Britain really so similar to Jobbik in Hungary, the National Front in France, the PVV in the Netherlands or the Democratic Party in Sweden? Only the uninformed would think so.

        Moreover, while Trump and the European right use immigration as a galvanizing issue, the real root of their increasing popularity is the failure of the democracy-deficient bureaucratic state and the public’s alienation from elites who so plainly hold them in contempt.

        Blaming “nativism” or white anger gets it all wrong. It’s not Trump supporters who have failed America, it’s the politicians of both political parties, the pundits, the professors and the increasingly out of touch intellectuals of all stripes.

        There is not a single presidential candidate in either party who has a clue how to remediate what ails our nation. Trump supporters know it, you know it, I know it and so does Professor Mead in the moments when he’s honest with himself.

        That’s why Trump is winning; at least so far.

        • Tom

          The problem, though, is that Trump doesn’t have a clue, either–actually, less so than most of the other people in the race.
          I also think you’re reading a bit too much into Domenech. One need not believe that “x is y” to believe that “x will lead to y.”

        • lukelea

          Nice comments, wigwag. By emphasizing trade and immigration and their effects on low-skilled jobs and wages, Trump stands a good chance of attracting a lot of black and Hispanic voters who currently vote Democratic. We’ll see. If so, we might be seeing a fundamental realignment of American politics. Liberal nationalism you might call it.

          • Hominid

            Nope! Hispanics and especially Blacks are too keenly interested in hand-outs to ever vote Conservative.

      • Hominid

        Since America was founded and rose to greatness as a Saxon nation, nativism (with which there is nothing wrong) is considered the equivalent of racism.

  • Fat_Man
  • iconoclast

    One can never be wrong when accusing white people of racism. Because Slavery! And Crusades! And Michael Brown!

    • wheezer

      time for whites to pushback against this sh**|T. #guiltfreewhitey

      • 1CatEye

        Nothing is their fault, ever. Because No Responsibility! Reparations! And Michael Brown!

      • Fred

        Obama has gone worldwide on apology tours, but not apologizing for anything that he did.

        • wheezer

          True. ‘we’re-the-problem’ apologies are common among the anti-nationist left.

  • Dan Wafford

    From day one, Katrina has been pitched by the liberals and media as unfairly targeting blacks, from the storm itself, to the response by government agencies. There were a number of predominantly-white neighborhoods and communities that were as equally devastated as the predominantly-black 9th Ward, but I’ll guarantee you can find no one who can name them – because they haven’t been the focus of all the media sob stories and rants against “whitey.”

  • MisterEd13

    The ONLY reason race is a major issue in the US is because of the race peddlers, and NOTHING else. Yes, it is an issue, but it shouldn’t be a major one. Most white and blacks really don’t care about skin color any more. That’s the truth.

    • Hominid

      Most people probably never did care much about something as superficial as “skin color.” That’s a silly Lib-Leftist proposition. It’s the many other genetic differences in personality traits that correlate with skin color that have rightly mattered to most people.

    • Harry Sherry

      Agree………I am in The Bronx, NY frequently. Whites/blacks/browns/purples and greens seem to get along. Hate is news……killing is news……harmony is not.

  • JB

    Where the hell has the author been? The Gray Lady has been pimping the race industry for long time. See the book “Gray Lady Down”.

  • jk in durham

    You got so many things wrong, it’s hard to know where to begin.
    1) The NYT published about 10 stories on Katrina on 8/25/14. Only one story focused on race. You imply in your very first sentences quite the contrary.

    2) The single article involving race that you referred to is really a report on a survey done by LSU’s Public Policy school. One wonders if you actually looked at the survey results via the link provided. If you had, it would have been obvious that city-dwellers’ views of the New Orleans recovery are quite divided by race (as they are, as both the NYT and you point out, divided by whether their neighborhood flooded). To say otherwise, as you claim, is simply false. Read the survey!

    3) The most revealing result of the survey is that the views of whites and blacks about the recovery just a year after Katrina were virtually identical. Ten years after, those views are starkly different (70% negative by blacks; 30% negative, by whites). That change in attitude is not explainable simply by who got flooded and who didn’t.

    I do take the NYT to task for not spending much effort in trying to account for the root of those differences. How much money was expended in various parts of the community? Was there a huge disparity in white vs. black areas that were equally flooded? Why is that a large percentage of black residents who left did not return, whereas only a small percentage of whites did not? Why is the present in-migration of whites and rich people so much higher than that of blacks and poor people? Who knows?

    I’ll stop here. There are problems with the NYT reporting of the survey, but your claims greatly either distort their reporting or lack any foundation in facts. Yes, much media effort is expended today is trying to sow racial discard. Look in the mirror.

    • Harry Sherry

      Hate is news……killing is news……harmony is not.

  • Harry Sherry

    The Katrina disaster was self inflicted. Billions were shipped to LA to fix/improve dykes, etc. The money was wasted and/or spent on freeloaders by corrupt politicians. After that, with the amount spent down there, each resident of NO could have walked away with a check for $500,000 and the USA would have saved money. I wonder how many NO’s residents know that?

  • Fred

    Substitute the construction of world-class New Orleans levees instead of food stamps/welfare for the able-bodied residents of New Orleans. Netherlands did it – why can’t New Orleans? The problem would be keeping that construction jobs funding away from the squandering of corrupt management/politicians. Corruption management would be the first step.

  • Floyd R Turbot

    The New York Times has as much credibility as the former mayor of New Orleans who now sits in jail.

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