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identity forever
In America, Identity Trumps Class
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  • Andrew Allison

    The politics of “identity” is, in fact, the politics of tribalism, which is antithetical to everything the USA stands (stood?) for..

    • Beauceron

      Yes, “stood” for is right.
      Merit, hard work, thoughtfulness. None of that matters anymore.
      What color are you?
      That’s what matters.

  • CapitalHawk

    Welcome to America in 2015, where immutable characteristics are uber alles.

    • Boritz

      Immutable characteristics as well as gender.

  • GS

    But “class” is identity, merely defined by the slightly different criteria. See Samuel Huntington’s “clash”, about the hierarchy of identities, “civilizational affinity” being the highest of these. Speaking of the Western civ, the Dems are civilizational apostates.

  • Pete

    Jackson was the best president the Dems ever presented to America.

    As for the slaves and their decedents, ask yourself this: “Would they rather be back in Africa?”

    • Tom

      I think they would have rather come here of their own free will, and know good and well their ancestors were not brought here out of kindness.

  • jeburke

    Methinks TAI goes too far here, unless JW can come up with instances of Jackson rallying Scots-Irish voters based on their origins (allusions to Good King Billy would not have washed).

  • Kevin

    The difference is that Jackson never rallied Scots-Irish based on ethnicity or religion but rather on class interests as small farmers, etc. against Eastern financial interests. He did so based on an ideology of competitive small holder capitalism just as Jefferson had the ideal of the yeoman farmer. In 1828 Jefferson and the nascent Democratic Party fought the Bank of the United States on behalf of their constituents and in opposition to outsized power for moneyed interests. In 2008 they sold out their constituents’ interests to Citibank and Goldman Sachs. Regardless of whether modern Democrats want to be associated with Jackson, HE would want to have nothing to do with them.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    I use Jacksonian as a modifier to my Libertarian politics, and I use it in the sense defined by Walter Russell Mead as one of the 4 schools of American foreign policy thought (Wilsonian, Hamiltonian, Jeffersonian, and Jacksonian).

    I think the pacifism of the Libertarian Party is stupid. America’s foreign strategy for many decades has been that of luring foreign nations into the American Global Trading system in order to influence their cultures and make them more like American’s and therefore less likely to go to war with us. So, 20% of America’s economy is now dependent on imports and exports, and America has an obligation and duty to protect this source of income. So, since you fight a war with the army you have and not the army you wish you had, the Libertarian pacifism which wants America to withdraw from all American foreign bases weakens America and sacrifices the American Global Trading System strategy.

  • Josephbleau

    Scotch Irish vs Boston Brhamins. This clash built america subject to a minor clash with the Cavaliers. who can claim that they were the sufficient element, all were necessary. Slaves were an unfortunate people that were divorced from their homeland and left in a land they did not understand, under cruel social organization.

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