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The New National Military Strategy
A Poor Report Card for Obama’s Foreign Policy
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Obama is by far the worst President in American History. America’s economy, military, social unity, racial harmony, etc have all seriously declined.

    • Kevin

      That’s a bit unfair. James Buchanan was probably worse (taking no steps to head off the Civil War which killed 600,000 Americans). Of course if the Iran deal goes through Obama could lay the groundwork for exceeding even this scale of incompetence.

      • AaronL

        Agree. At the moment James Buchanan is the worst. If Iran gets nuclear weapons, followed by Saudi Arabia , Turkey and Egypt and a Middle Eastern nuclear war starts then history (if there’s anyone left to write it) will definitely rate Obama as the worst American President. Of course as a result of Obama’s policies there probably won’t be many Presidents to succeed him.

        • Kevin

          Maybe we’re due for another Lincoln – As Bismarck said “God always looks after the fools and — and the United States.” But should we really tempt Providence that much?

          • AaronL

            From your mouth to God’s ears.

      • f1b0nacc1

        Actually, the comparison to Buchanan is more apt than perhaps you intended. Not only did Buchanan do nothing to head off the Civil War, he actually took numerous steps that emboldened the traitors in the south and made the war more certain.

    • fastrackn1

      JL, that would mean he is worse than Jimmy Carter…is that possible?…of course if it wasn’t for Jimmy Carter we wouldn’t have had Billy Beer, so maybe Obummer is the worst since he couldn’t even do better than that….

      • AaronL

        He’s much much worse than Carter, by several orders of magnitude.

      • Boritz

        Obama is worse but the electorate is much much worse. Recall that for the electorate of 1980 four years of Carter was sufficient, but in 2012 they wanted four more years. In 2014 they appeared to awake somewhat with a big inconsequential yawn.

        • fastrackn1

          I can’t for the life of me figure out what is going through the minds of the electorate any more…besides wind….

          BTW, I was being facetious with the Carter comparison…although Carter was pretty bad.
          The difference between Carter and Obama is that Obama is intelligent enough to be dangerous…Carter on the other hand was just a buffoon….

  • CapitalHawk

    For decades the left wing of lots of different countries have yearned for the USA and its military to get out of world affairs. Now they are getting their wish, good and hard. I say we let them continue to live the dream for a while longer. You need to really let people suffer for a while so they can appreciate that having the US around is a good thing.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Possibly as a happenstance of our disappointment with voters in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya and other nations, Obama is working himself around to the position that sensible Islam (if there is such a thing) is the only force politically suitable for defeating radical Islam anywhere. We already had a big experiment with spending unlimited money in Iraq and Afghanistan only to discover that the presence of infidel forces and infidel money do not fix either the folks or the governments.

    As for the other realities of China and Russia, there is no evidence to support the assumption that John McCain and Sarah Palin were going to engineer better relationships than what we have now.

    • fastrackn1

      Regarding your first paragraph, you might be right. Let the Musloids exterminate each other until there are none left…radical and all the rest. As far as I am concerned they all just take up space on the planet and waste out natural resources with their existence.
      At least it will save some of our young boys lives.

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