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A Rock And A Hard Place
The Eternal Palestinian Dilemma
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  • Tom Servo

    “makes it hard for Israelis to believe in the two state solution as a serious option.”

    Although the article hems and haws, it would really be much better to just say openly – the two state solution is not a serious option anymore. It’s chance came and went. You know it, I know it, the Israeli’s know it, the Palestinians now admit that they know it, everybody knows it. Yeah, nobody is happy about that, but there it is. So either deal with that reality or just go on dreamin’ about useless fantasies that make you feel warm and fuzzy but which can never happen.

  • wigwag

    What the Israelis know (but Obama and the Europeans are too credulous to see) is that a Palestinian State is bound to be a failed state no matter what form it takes. How do they know this? All they have to do is look at the wider Arab world and even the larger Muslim world. Practically every Arab state, is a failed state so why should Palestine be any different? In the larger Muslim world, backwards, violent and autocratic nations are the rule not the exception. Even some of the nations blessed with oil wealth barely achieve the status of civilized. The many disputes between Palestinian factions is a perfect metaphor for the dysfunction of Muslim nations in general and Arab nations in particular.

    Israelis would be fool hearty to compromise with Palestinians; if they do, more blood shed is the certain result. If the United States and Europe really wanted to achieve a just settlement between Israelis and Palestinians, there is really only one thing they can do; that is permit the Israelis to totally, completely and unambiguously defeat the Palestinians. See Sri Lanka and Chechnya to get a taste of what I mean. Barring the stomach to allow the Israelis to emulate the behavior of the victors in those wars, things will stay the same in Palestine for generations.

    • Andrew Allison

      Since Israel gets condemned for defending itself from attacks on its civilian population, what does it have to lose by “totally, completely and unambiguously defeat the Palestinians”? The Israelis don’t need to be allowed to do this, the US, Europe and the UN have no ability to prevent it.

      • FriendlyGoat

        What does Israel have to lose by ravishing people? Only you would ask.

  • S.C. Schwarz

    Any two state solution was always going to be an asymmetrical deal. Israel was going to give up real strategic assets – control of territory needed for strategic depth – in return for words. Whatever form those words would take – peace treaty, recognition, whatever, they are still just words and ultimately rest on Israel trusting the Arabs. Since no sane Israeli government would ever bet national survival on trusting the Arabs the reality of any feasible two state solution was always going to be some form of international guarantee. Some combination of the US, the EU, and perhaps the UN would guarantee the Israelis that if they gave the Palestinians everything they want, and the Palestinians nonetheless choose to continue war, that Israel would be protected, or, more realistically, at least allowed to protect itself.

    Now, after the Obama’s treachery, after the EU has once again revealed its inherent antisemitism, after the UN has again and again condemned every Israeli attempt to defend itself, no Israeli would ever trust international guarantees for one second, nor should they.

    Yes the two state solution is dead but not because of a few apartment blocks in the desert that most Israeli’s would happily tear down if it would buy them real peace. It’s dead because of Obama who taught the Israelis the US can’t be trusted. It’s dead because of the EU, which taught the Israelis that antisemitism is alive and well in its ancestral home. Its dead because of the UN, which taught the Israelis the “international community” is a pathetic, autocratic, antisemitic joke.

    Of course this will all be interpreted as the fault of the Jews.

  • John Tyler

    “……….If the outside world seriously wants to end the war between Palestinians and Israelis, it has to find ways to help the Palestinians resolve the brutal dilemmas that for almost 100 years have divided the Palestinian people and left them unable either to defeat the Israelis or to come to terms with them……….”

    What absolute and total rubbish.
    The PLO and Hamas spend their entire efforts- economic, financial, political, social – scheming, planning, plotting and dreaming how they will exterminate the Jews, and like all tyrannies, give short shrift to improving the lot of the average Palestinian citizen. In fact, they do not give a sh&t about the plight of the average Palestinian. The Hamas /PLO leadership uses them as cannon fodder and sacrificial lambs .

    Until the Palestinian leadership decides to focus on the welfare of their citizenry, that “nation” will never, ever get anywhere and all the while the leadership will be stuffing their Swiss bank accounts so they can retire in Paris.

  • Y.K.

    This misses a key point, namely the influence of the ‘supporters’ the two-state solution, which often tends to paradoxically work against it.

    For example, one of the Israeli Left’s main arguments is that Palestinian demography will soon overtake Israeli demography in the entire area – and that Israel would therefore be left with only two options: becoming a ‘bi-national’ state or becoming an ‘apartheid state’. The first is arguable, the second nonsense, and the overall influence completely pernicious. This leaves Palestinians with zero incentives to negotiate. This dynamic forces the Israeli Left to adjust positions to them, but the Israeli public won’t buy these, meaning the Left ends up out of power and the PA ends with maximalist positions.

  • Fat_Man

    The PA is unwilling to settle for peace because they EU, the UN, and the US are paying them billions of dollars a year to maintain the status quo. Cut them off, and they will settle in a heartbeat.

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