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Frack Attack
The Fallout from the NY Fracking Ban
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  • Pete

    Cuomo is an example why it is stupid to vote for any Democrat.

  • jeburke

    This is not the choice his father, Mario, would have made, nor Mario’s predecessor, Hugh Carey, had they had the opportunity. It’s another example of how left wing the Democratic Party has become in a brief time, barely 20 years. In so many ways recently, NY Democrats represent the interests of downstate liberals, NYC minorities, and government employees. In the not too distant past, Democrats were keen to appeal also to the Rust Belt voters from Troy and Utica to Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo. No more in large part simply because they no longer need those votes as the state GOP has shrunk and disappeared. But in the long run, this is an unstable division that cannot be sustained quietly. Upstaters will eventually assert themselves politically.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The Leftist Democratic Party has been completely indoctrinated by the lies of the Environmentalists. The Environmentalists hate mankind, their real goal is an Earth free of all mankind and his footprints. This is why all of their stated objectives (lies) damage the economy, and they are even against things like Nuclear Power despite that fact that more use of it would reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being produced. Environmentalists are self loathing psychotics who worship a Gaia free of the desecration of mankind.

    I think mankind is Mother Nature’s finest achievement and she is justly proud of us.

  • CaliforniaStark

    Cuomo is being a complete hypocrite.

    Just last year a $856,000,000 natural gas pipeline expansion was completed to New York City. It effectively doubled the amount of natural gas that could be delivered to New York City through New Jersey from other areas of the nation.

    New York state’s energy plan expressly calls for an expansion of natural gas use in the state: “New York State is well-located geographically to take advantage of existing and newly developed natural gas located outside our State but which, when competitively priced, are available to supply customers within the State. New York’s location relatively close to these new sources of supply could provide the State a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining employers concerned about costs of, and access to, a reliable source of energy. In addition, consumers may enjoy significant savings in household fuel expenses which in turn could benefit the State’s economy to the extent that households redeploy those savings.”

    While Cuomo is looking at lower prices and increasing economic benefit for New York City and his urban constituents; he apparently could care less about improving the economy of the more rural southern tier of New York, which is economically depressed and badly needs the revenue that would result from fracking. If Cuomo assumes fracking is bad for New York; shouldn’t he also assume it is bad for the nation? Shouldn’t he attempt to completely ban the use of natural gas in New York? It would be a boon to the state’s candle manufacturers.

    As far as this being a political decision, it should be noted that Cuomo won re-election this year with 54% of the vote. By contrast, California’s Governor Brown, who supports fracking, was re-elected with 59% of the vote. Making the right decision instead of an expedient one often benefits a politician.

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