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Pipeline Politics
Israeli Gas Playing Peacemaker
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  • Eric J.

    I’ve been saying since the war this summer – cut Egypt in on the Leviathan field in exchange for Egypt taking back Gaza. No one cares how many Palestinians Egypt kills or how many homes they bulldoze.

    • Attila_the_hun

      Israel is suffering from Begin’s mistake for not insisting on exchanging Sinai together with Gaza for Egyptian peace.

  • Kevin

    Energy exports to Europe might also strengthen Isreali diplomacy there – though anti-Semitism cannot always be bought off by enlightened self interest.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    I hope Israel develops a liquefied Natural Gas export industry as pipelines are very vulnerable to Islamic terrorist sabotage. While selling gas to Jordan and Egypt seem like good options with diplomatic possibilities, they are traps that leave Israel open to criticism for charging too much to the Islamic poor, and leaving Israel without a viable method to sell to the world.

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