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Modi Backlash
India’s Muslims Abandoning Congress
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  • ljgude

    Yes, that is a clear danger arising from Hindu Nationalism. I don’t know if India can avoid communal conflict and if it occurs survive it as the nation we know.

    • vrichards

      Only hindu nationalism can save india.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    I feel that Hindu Nationalism is a response to Islam’s spawning of Jihadists, and would subside if Islam stopped spawning the terrorists. After all Islam seems to be picking a fight with every religion, and naturally the other religions are defending themselves. Most people don’t realise that India suffers more non muslim deaths from Jihadists every year than just about any nation, and has been since long before 9/11.

    • vrichards

      You are one of few people who understands india. Not many people understand the situation well. India has been a hindu buddhist civilization for thousands of years. We have more in common with eastern countries such as china, thailand japan than nieghbouring islamized countries such as pakistan, iran etc. Since india had its own civilization, it will strive to protect its identity and be recognized as an ancient culture.
      The so called west, by pushing the concept of “secularism” worked to undermine the indian civilization and the bonds that bind native indians together. This has not gone unnoticed.
      The muslim population is a tax on the remaining people of india. These people have arab names, follow arab culture and worship arab culture. They even support arab terrorist causes. When terry jones burnt korans in florida, muslims killed indians in riots. The 2002 riots in gujarat started when a large group of muslims burnt down a railwar car with women and children returning from a religion event. It is a shame that the perpetrators have been sentenced to life in prison and have not been hanged.

      Muslims have ethnically cleansed indians from kashmir, parts of bengal, assam, kerala states. While this happened, the west has stood idly doing nothing. Now they want to cast this as a war between islam and fundamentalist hindus. Indians do not see the so called west as partners in preserving their identity and people. Worse, they have conspired to show indian culture in poor light and as equal of the terror ideology of the middle east.

    • vrichards

      The koran states all muslims are brothers. But muslims from india cannot marry arab ladies, cannot own property or settle in arab lands. They are effectively second class muslims. Indian muslims accept second class treatment in arab lands. If these people accept second class treatment in arab lands, they certainly deserve and get second class treatment in india. Muslims find it difficult to obtain homes to rent. I certainly would not want a devout muslim for a neighbor in india. This person, on the eid festival, butcher an innocent goat in front of your house.

      Muslims have denied indians their space to carry forward their civilizational identity. Indians have an absolute right to maintain an identity that has nothing in common with anything arising from the arab lands. If you do not agree with this view, as many in so called west do, you are not friend of indians.
      The muslims in india are a result of invasions of muslim rulers that conquered territories and terrorized people, much like isis is harrasing the yezidies today. There is no reason why these people should remain in an arab centric faith and hostile to the native people. Unless they learn to live in peace with their true brothers and accept their lower position (owing to their status in arab lands) or become indians again, they cannot prosper and find peace.

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