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So you want to win a war?
Iran Flips the Bird at US in Syria Civil War

Even as the US tries to peacefully end the Syrian civil war through diplomatic negotiations, Iran is finding it more convenient to supply the Syrian regime with weapons, elite soldiers, and piles of cash. The Geneva talks have failed to settle anything on the ground and it looks like America’s efforts there will come to nothing. Iran, on the other hand, is happy to give the Assad regime the means to prolong and eventually win the war.

Reuters has the story:

… Iran has stepped up support on the ground for President Bashar al-Assad, providing elite teams to gather intelligence and train troops, sources with knowledge of military movements say.

This further backing from Tehran, along with deliveries of munitions and equipment from Moscow, is helping to keep Assad in power at a time when neither his own forces nor opposition fighters have a decisive edge on the battlefield.

… military experts believe Tehran has in recent months sent in more specialists to enable Assad to outlast his enemies at home and abroad.

Analysts believe this renewed support means Assad felt no need to make concessions at currently deadlocked peace talks in Geneva.

Is there anybody in the White House who sees this as evidence that America’s foreign policy is working? The Obama administration might be unwilling to involve itself more deeply in another Middle East conflict, but Iran and Russia clearly do not share the same trepidation. In contrast to America’s stop-start threatening and finger-wagging without concrete action, Iran looks like it intends to win.

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  • rheddles

    Is Pyrrhus in charge in Iran?

  • Bruce

    Isolationism is a legitimate foreign policy. But isolationism when you are trying to act as though you will act to make a difference is just haplessness. The current regime excels at that.

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