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Petraeus to Continue Public Service at CUNY


Students at the City University of New York will have the incredible opportunity next year to learn from one of America’s finest military leaders. David Petraeus, former commander of coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and former director of the CIA, will join the university as a visiting professor of public policy at the Macaulay Honors College:

In a statement, Mr. Petraeus said he looked forward to leading a seminar “that examines the developments that could position the United States—and our North American partners—to lead the world out of the current global economic slowdown.”

The idea, Ann Kirschner, dean of Macaulay, said in an interview, “is an interdisciplinary seminar in keeping with his research interest in energy, advanced manufacturing, life sciences and information technology.

In addition, she said, he will give talks and meet with students about their research projects. “We’re still figuring out how much time he’ll be available to us and how to get him as involved as possible in the life of the college,” she said.

It’s good to see a distinguished public servant choosing a college where he will interact directly with a diverse group of students, including many from immigrant and low-income backgrounds. (We would venture to guess that General Petraeus also received offers from very fancy, big name institutions where such students are few).

This is also good for CUNY, which is mounting an important drive to become once again the kind of academically excellent institution that offered generations of New Yorkers a chance to get ahead in life.

General Petraeus’s singularly admirable record of public service far outshines the recent hiccups in his private life. We’re glad to see that his commitment to public service continues.

[Image of David Petraeus courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]

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  • crocodile chuck

    The first CIA chief (and only man in America) who regarded a webmail account as secure.

    “We’re glad to see that his commitment to public service continues” TRANSLATION: BoozAllen wouldn’t hire him.

  • Alexander Scipio

    Wow. A General officer who comes up with a strategy NO Great Power EVER should choose (COIN), one who can’t win a war with medieval warriors fewer by orders-of-magnitude and far less well-equipped than the Imperial Japanese or NAZis armies of 65 YEARS ago (that we annihilated in under 4 years), and he’s “one of American’s finest military leaders.” How our expectations have fallen…

  • SF Dude

    CUNY? Not exactly Yale…

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