Conclusive Proof That Obamacare Is Brilliant Legislation
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  • ojfl

    It is the mentality of the elite, that they can regulate people’s lives but it does not affect theirs. More and more we see that the government has too much power and it misuses it too frequently.

  • Banned_by_KBTX

    The elites get away with it because we have a 1.01-party system instead of a two-party system. Reckless spending by Republicans in the past is only slightly overshadowed by even more insane Democrat policies of the present. In 2012 the GOP nominated the father of RomneyCare, thus surrendering to Obama on the question of government-run health care. More recently, Republicans caved on taxes and are seeking to throw in the towel on amnesty for illegal aliens. Obama’s Supreme Court nominees are simply waved through, and not even major tax cheats nominated for Obama’s cabinet get much opposition.

  • DumpObamaCare

    The Health Care “Reform” Bill is a joke and must be repealed. It is of, by and for the elites:

  • frankfromtexas

    My father used to tell Scientist jokes. He was an academic, and many of these had as the implicit moral of the story, the sheer impracticality of many academics. This reminds me of one of my very favorites of this genre:

    The Eminent Scientist was just finishing his lecture. The chalk board was covered with equations. As he reach the conclusion, he said, “and the result is obvious”. He looked at the board. He looked at the audience of glaze eyed students. He told them to wait a few minutes.

    He left the room. Time passed.

    He returned burdened with computer printouts, manuscripts, and loose notes, but a relieved expression on his face.

    He turned to the audience and said “I was right. The result WAS obvious”.

  • Bill_Woods

    Why is an entry-level staffer earning $25k paying anything like $7k for health care?

    • Andrew Allison

      Because that’s what insurance companies think they need to (or can) charge. The connection between salary and health care needs is tenuous, at best.

  • Andrew Allison

    A modest proposal: a constitutional amendment requiring that Congress abide by the laws it passes for the rest of us.

  • Corlyss Drinkard

    As a federal retiree on the same system as Congressmen are, I am deeply worried about what changes will be forced on me. My ins. co. has already tried once to shovel me onto Medicare, for which I am not eligible, despite the fact that since 1983 federal workers in the CSRS were forced to subsidize Medicare.

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