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Build it, or They Will Come

News from the WSJ will dishearten bohemian Global Greens and buttoned-up Pentagon planners alike: the Chinese are coming—to Canada. Yet another Chinese state-owned oil firm has acquired rights to develop Canadian oil sands, this time with China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. securing its first wholly independent project.

As regular readers of the blog will know, Via Meadia has been concerned about the geopolitical consequences of the Green fight against the Keystone XL pipeline that would transport this same Canadian oil to America. The development of the Canadian oil sands is going to happen whether we like it or not. The choice is by whom. As recent developments demonstrate, while the U.S. dithers, the Canadians are happy to sell their oil to the Chinese, and the environmental impact is the same.

Meanwhile, access to a secure source of oil in a stable country gives China a distinct advantage in the unfolding Great Game in Asia. The geopolitics of Chinese investment in Canadian oil aren’t all bad from a US point of view; the more China depends on energy sources from the Americas, the easier it would be for the US to cut China off from its oil should crisis come. Even so, it is clearly better to get your oil from politically stable and reliable sources; the more oil that comes to the US from Canada, the less we will need from places like Sudan.

And there is more bad news in between the lines. As the article reports, the Chinese companies lag behind their American counterparts. Unrefined technology, as we’ve seen, is more likely to cause unnecessary environmental damage. Furthermore, new economic research suggests that transporting resources to China causes far more pollution than the extraction process.

All in all, greens today look very much like the peace and disarmament campaigners of the 1930s — the ones whose foolish campaigns for peace made World War Two inevitable in the end. Green strategies are so counterproductive and damaging that the environment and world peace might be better off if 80 percent of today’s greens forgot all about politics and went to work for the oil companies.

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