Hamas on Auction: Turkey and Iran Top Bidders?
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  • Geoff M

    More interesting (and more disturbing) is that a member of NATO, a nominal US ally, and putative “moderate” Islamic democracy is actively courting a fundamentalist, genocidal, terrorist group, bent on nothing less than the destruction of another US ally.

    Even more disturbing is that no one calls out Turkey on this behavior.

  • ErisGuy

    And if Turkey “buys” Hamas, to what purpose will Turkey put Hamas? Or will the Hamas tail wag the Turkish dog? If Turkey buys Hamas, then won’t a NATO member be funding acts of terrorism in Israel and other countries? Is that in the NATO charter?

  • deepelemblues

    Iran already owns Hamas through the holding company known as Syria, the only question is whether Iran will find a new holding company. Egypt and Turkey are bad choices as the MB and Erdogan would rather be outright owners rather than proxies.

  • Kris

    Hamas bet on the Assad regime, and now that the bet is going bad, it is not paying the price but rather being courted. This is yet another instance of Palestinian Arabs being rescued from their mistaken and immoral choices. So why would they ever mend their ways?

  • Very well said, Geoff M.

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