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Holiday Blogging

After a morning of meetings in Washington DC, I am preparing to travel with the Grand Matriarch and the Venerable Mead to the storied home of the Philadelphia Meads for the Thanksgiving vacation.  With two nieces, three nephews and an assortment of siblings, in-laws and others, not to mention an unconscionably large supply of holiday pies, the gathered clan will be have much to be thankful about on this most original and beloved American holiday.

As the Via Meadia team packs its bags for Thanksgiving, blogging will be sporadic and a bit lighter than usual during the next few days.  By next Monday we will be back on a full schedule.  We wish our readers all the joy that friends, family, good food and better cheer can bring at this time — and we also hope that those with a little extra will show their gratitude in this difficult economy by sharing generously so that others also may enjoy shelter, food and warmth as the world grows cold and dark.

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  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    Stuff your face, it’s tradition, it’s the American way, and your Patriotic DUTY!

  • Scott

    I’m glad to hear you have a real life and not just a virtual one. Enjoy the holiday. The ability to read your work on a daily basis is one of many things for which I am profoundly thankful. Pie yourself into bliss.

  • Soul

    Happy Thanksgiving. Hope all goes well, and meals delicious at the Mead household. Seems to be a bit on the slow side for the internet. I’ll have to see about spending more time in the sun here in sunny Florida.

  • Luke Lea

    ” blogging will be sporadic and a bit lighter than usual during the next few days.”

    Only three 1000 word essays, tops.

  • Luke Lea

    I almost forgot, Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Jeff77450

    What Scott said…

  • Cathleen

    “this most original and beloved American holiday.”

    A beautifully turned phrase, and spot on. Many blessings to you and yours.

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