The Guest That Will Not Leave
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  • Mrs. Davis

    The Europeans seem wedded to the idea of a long crisis

    The Europeans are not alone. We Americans have the same penchant for symptomatic palliatives that only prolong the problem without affecting the root cause. For example the housing crisis, the pension crisis, the student debt crisis. Allowing nature to take its unknown course is far more frightening than doing something that has a temporary, superficial effect and lulls us into thinking we have control.

    As Chrichill said, “You can always trust America to do the right thing – after they have exhausted all other possibilities.”

  • Stephen

    “In the political war of attrition between the French and German visions for the future neither side will back down, and both think the only way to resolve the crisis involves letting things reach such intensity and inflict such damage that the other side will capitulate.”

    Great! WWI and trench warfare recapitulated – without the messiness of mangled bodies. One can only hope this is resolved without need, once again, for the treasure, if not the blood, of the Yanks.

    Not much else we can do? From your lips to the ears of the administration.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    This can only end in one way, the forces tearing the EU and Euro apart are much stronger than those holding it together.

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