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Hold That Trip To Egypt

Foreign travelers, journalists and even expats living in Cairo have been rounded up by mobs of Egyptian volunteers and delivered to police stations for interrogation. Egypt’s new military rulers seem to be stoking fears of foreign plots aimed at hijacking the Revolution. From the WSJ:

The military-inspired xenophobia campaign has been amplified by resurgent Islamists, who are traditionally hostile to any infidel influence in the country, and jingoistic reports in parts of the Egyptian media.

Despite badly needing revenue from tourism, Egypt’s leaders are more concerned about ongoing protests, mostly led by liberal residents of Cairo who feel that the Revolution has gotten away from them. The tried and true recipe for dealing with unwanted protestors: Blame foreigners, especially the United States. Just take a look at the picture of US envoy Anne Patterson (posted on the side of the WSJ article), which appeared on the cover of the state-run October magazine and depicts her as the “Ambassador from Hell.”

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  • Michael J. Totten

    Looks like I got out at just the right time. It would have made a great story had I been grabbed by the baltageya and grilled by a police state, but that’s not exactly what I was looking for when I went to Cairo this summer.

  • WigWag

    Michael J. Totten has many loyal readers who are glad that he was not apprehended and that he is safe.

  • Kris

    And a warm welcome to Michael Totten! While reading this post, I made a mental note to check your site for your thoughts on the story.

  • Fred

    To quote Gilbert Gottfried in “Alladin” “I’m having a heart attack from NOT surprise!”

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