The Wages of Undemocratic Liberalism
The Rising Tide of Europe’s Anti-Establishment Rebellion

The Italian elections have shown us yet again what the European public is asking of its leaders. Will they listen now?

Published on: March 13, 2018
Andrew A. Michta is the dean of the College of International and Security Studies at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies. Views expressed here are his own.
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  • D4x

    Political elites in ‘liberal democracies’ have tried for one hundred years to apply science to disciplines that are not ‘science’, specifically, economics, politics, and sociology. These elites will continue to fail until they stop trying to construct a post-industrial utopia from quantitative models, and step aside to those understand reality: more mechanics, fewer symbolic-analysts.

    Stop thinking the USA is having a “Jacksonian corrective moment”. There more than four archetypes of American foreign policy. Even Mr. Mead can be wrong. Y’all could have had the post-Cold War Pax Americana if you had not simultaneously embraced a post-industrial vision that traded American jobs for the monetization of everything.

    • MyWord245

      You reminded me of one of my favorite articles. If you haven’t read it yet, enjoy it.
      For those of us in science and engineering, every time we hear of social science, we feel…..

      • D4x

        TY. Will savor it another day. Would share my story about how an industry-specific mathematically modeled economic forecast brought Enron down, but decline to post personal data online. If you have not heard of Edward Tufte, you would enjoy his “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information.”
        As long as we are stuck with too many ‘social scientists’, they could at least make better charts and graphs!
        Real scientists too 🙂

  • Rachel

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  • Hoxworth

    The European project requires trust. Trust requires a homogeneous society. Specifically, trust requires a specific type of homogeneity–look at countries with high and low amounts of corruption and the pattern is clear. European leaders repeatedly choose to destroy European homogeneity, and therefore the trust, required for the European project. Unfortunately, trust and heterogeneous societies are mutually exclusive, but leftists leaders never let reality get in the way of an aspiration.

    • Curious Mayhem

      Pick any two: multiculturalism, open borders, democracy. The EU elite made their choice clear quite a while ago.

      (Read one of my favorites, James Bennett’s Anglosphere Challenge.)

  • Concerned American

    An interesting article. Particularly since 2014 as an patriotic conservative American, I have been following and studying with growing alarm what has happened to the political systems, sovereignty and cultures of most of the western European countries in the face of the Islamic and political correctness thought invasions. I like to consider what has/is happening there as a method of looking into America’s future possibilities in a few decades or less.

    I’m not sure I agree that there is a “voter rebellion” as this author coins it. And indeed, if there is, what difference it will make. Yes the
    UK voter majority voted to leave the EU, and in Austria and now Italy, patriotism, at least temporarily won a few elections. But the majority of French, Dutch, German voters all repeatedly continue to vote for the politically correct politicians and policies that have bought them to the nationality and culture threatening immigration crisis they find themselves in. Their leaders are cowed by political correctness. Their peoples’ right to free speech is increasing being lost. I think WW2 has psychologically effected the region in a negative manner as well. Especially the Germans. Four times over 16 years they have voted in the same government that is undermining their nationality. UK politicians may refuse to execute Brexit. Despite their voters election results. I still think the majority of the voters are cowed by PC such that they will allow their countries and their cultures to be lost. I don’t think they have the pride and backbone anymore to resist, Their youth, as increasingly we see in America as well, are so brainwashed by the leftist MSM, and academia by the time they acquire voting rights they are programmed to believe the ultimate sin is to be politically incorrect. I think they have become similar to the ELOI in the H G Wells novel “The Time Machine? They just go about their set routine, do as they are told, and wait to be consumed by the Morlocks.

    • BW

      The USA is in trouble as well. Our education system has been infiltrated and undermined by leftist ideologues. Just getting that system to something like a centrist approach will be the work of decades, and it is unlikely that the political will to “drain that swamp” will endure much longer than the administration of President Trump. The bureaucrats of the federal government have among their ranks too many who have abandoned apolitical professionalism in favor of becoming ideological warriors. The products of science are increasingly tainted by political agendas that favor the progressive worldview. And the “media”, or rather the political party auxiliaries charged with the distribution of propaganda, have no motivation to simply report facts without bias born of preconceived notions and a kind of faith in the supposed rightness of their cause.

      Until a lot of power centers in the country realize how far we’ve wandered away from a realistic appreciation of our situation, it will be difficult to return the direction of our society to something like the middle of the road.

      • Marilyn

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  • Andrew Allison

    Surely “undemocratic liberalism” is an oxymoron? The sad fact is that there’s nothing liberal about the disregard for democracy by the largely social democrat elites ruling Europe.

    • MyWord245

      Haven’t seen your comments lately. good to hear from you

      • Andrew Allison

        Thank you. TAI changed it’s comments policy to subscribers only (and the freebie per month) and, regretfully, I didn’t think it worthwhile. I still comment occasionally on other sites.

        • D4x

          It’s only worthwhile to understand their motives in continuing to distract from reality. The TAI Editorial Board links to every foreign policy ‘think-tank’ in the west, a desperate alliance of Wilsonians and Neo-cons, losing their Federal grants. Good to see you!

          • Andrew Allison

            I miss you too! ;<)}

        • D4x

          While TAI handwrings over “illiberal populism”; on March 15, the official WH & Pentagon policy is to continue to appease Turkey. Official report on Syria March, 2018 engraves “expansionist SDF aspirations” and more concern over “Sunni Arab marginalization” than Turkey’s boastful siege and air bombardment of Afrin, Syria, into the
          narrative! And, abandoning Syria’s Kurds. I did not believe the DoD and WH would do this to Syria’s Kurds. Turkey is a far greater threat to NATO, the EU, the Sunni Arabs.

          That is dangerous, considering Erdogan’s public Ottoman territorial ambitions extend to the Balkans (half of NATO), Jerusalem, and Kirkuk, not to mention the ethnic cleansing and war crimes in Afrin: “Bulgaria reacts to
          disturbing statement by Turkey’s Erdogan” By Georgi Gotev |14-03-2018 EURACTIV with

          That map is on pdf page 8 of the official report on Syrian Civil War, issued by the Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide, highlighting “Risks are in Eastern Ghouta and Idlib, from Russia and Assad. “

          That map color codes Afrin border occupation as “Opposition forces including Free Syrian Army and HTS”, while showing Jarablus to Al Bab as “FSA and Turkish troops”, and the map source is
          as of March 1, 2018, Source: DATA ON AREAS OF CONTROL COURTESY OF LIVEUAMAP!
          I follow Afrin at syrialiveuamap, and they show the Afrin border changes same as Jarablus and al Bab
          “FSA and Turkish troops”. Am in shock that an official report now engraves this mistake, a blatant appeasement.
          It’s been like watching Poland, Sept. 1, 1939, but with thirteen million olive trees, and almost one million people, Kurds, Yazidis, mostly farmers from the villages, as many as 300,000 displaced Syrians who had been safe from the civil war, many the descendants of survivors of 1915-1921, the Ottoman genocide, and Ataturk’s ‘Turkification’ that decimated the Christians. There is a map from the Near East Institute from 1921 that shows Afrin and Aleppo were the site of Ataturks ‘concentration camps’, and then the NEI’s orphanages.

          Translating your emoticon to ‘devilish wink’? Replying here because your upvote has a .ru at it’s disqus profile. I admit to distancing from upvotes by anything that has a suspicious registration/profile, but have not seen an .ru lately, plus they were always into anime and, girls. 🙂

          Erdogan’s speech included Bukhara, Uzbekistan. A different speech threatened Mecca.
          Good to know the Russians and Persians are safe, which must be why the USA is appeasing.

          • Andrew Allison

            The analogy with the 1930’s is apposite; the west seems clueless about the explosive potential of the Syrian conflict and the Muslim threat. The } represents my beard, and I don’t know whether to be flattered or offended that the proprietor of a Russian porn site upvoted me.

          • D4x


            The UNSC is still talking, about the wrong problem in Syria. Turkey cut the water a week ago. One million humans as villagers sought refuge in Afrin City. No water, No medical supplies. Just bombs.
            The OECD and G-20 need to dis-invite Turkey.

          • Andrew Allison

            UNSC is irrelevant because Russia is invested in Assad. As you point out, Turkey is the real threat. It’s a Gordian Knot, and about the only thing we can do is provide full-throated support to the Kurds — which isn’t going to happen unless maybe, just maybe, Pompano can knock some sense into the morons at State.

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