Turning Points
Ukraine’s Tunisia Moment

As reforms stall in Ukraine, the tragic killing of a young activist could become a rallying cry for systemic change.

Published on: January 23, 2018
Diane Francis is the author of ten books and on the faculty at Singularity University. She is editor-at-large at the National Post.
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  • Che Guevara

    This article describing the extreme corruption of the parliamentary system in Ukraine is all the more remarkable since it’s published in TAI, which is nominally a very pro-Ukrainian publication. This must be a sign that the U.S. sponsors of Ukraine are getting frustrated with the current government, because they realize that the Maidan revolution is failing, and that another revolution may follow.

    • Debra

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  • Ukraine must take care that in that it does not become that which it most strongly opposes.

  • Olena

    About the murder of Iryna Nozdrovsky and about the quality of American journalism

  • Frank Blangeard

    The United States orchestrated coup d’etat in Ukraine isn’t going well. Joe Biden and his son need to get their act together and run the country in a more responsible manner or the CIA will find some others to do the job.

  • Buzzy123

    I see the Russian troll bots are busy in this site.
    No the US never engineered the coup that took down Russia’s favorite. In fact, had Tsar Vladimir the Short not told his KGB allies to open fire on the Maiden protesters, it is highly likely that the Ukraine simply would have alternated from one cycle of a corrupt pro Russian thug to an equally corrupt pro EU thug. However, since The Midget of Moscow sliced off part of the Ukraine despite hie treaty obligations and financed the Russian led thugs occupying the Southeast Ukraine, a pro Russian leader couldn’t be elected dogcatcher.

    It is however a great pity that the inherent corruption of almost all former Soviet States has not been shed by the Ukraine. Unfortunately this will hold them back until they are able to make the complete break with the habits of the past Communist regime.

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