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Will Big Sister Be Watching?

Digital omniscience meets “the crooked timber of humanity.”

Published on: December 11, 2017
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  • FriendlyGoat

    The surveillance/control part of this is quite serious. The connection of THAT to inappropriate male behaviors around women, not so much. Are we stretching to connect news stories in silly ways? The real Big Sister problem is just female GOP lawmakers who lie as badly as shameless men on every issue.

  • QET

    Bentham would marvel at the actual Panopticon that we–all of us–have built. The Economist is far too optimistic about the West. More Dear Colleague forays await us in the next Democratic administration when the deep state clerisy can throw off even having to pretend our constitutional order is one of limited government. Already the UK makes a greater effort to arrest, prosecute and jail people for their Facebook comments than for murder or rape.

    Christopher Hitchens wrote that those who want to transform people end up by burning them. Social media is just a giant lens that will focus the rays of hatred and resentment of all those “empowered women and enlightened men” onto their declared political enemies to burn them down.

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