Framing the Debate
Beware the Russian Elephant

As the West considers how to respond to the Kremlin’s use of bots, trolls, fake news, and hacks as tools of foreign policy, the way we describe things will define whether we prevail.

Published on: November 20, 2017
Peter Pomerantsev is a director of the Arena Program at the London School of Economics. He is the author of Nothing is True and Everything is Possible, The Surreal Heart of the New Russia, which won the Royal Society of Literature Ondaatje Prize.
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  • SeaAyeA

    So when you wrote this you didn’t bother to check if the US or even HRC herself has some troll accounts? Might want to delete this whole piece. Also, just for total accuracy, russian trolls, real or imagined, didn’t cause HRC to rig the DNC, take Russian and Saudi money, or have a “public” and “private” position.


  • Mika Riik

    The West should just start punching Russia below the belt by provoking discord inside Russia, and set new sanctions etc. The key is that Russian info war should be retaliated by asymmetric means – not by just making people more aware of it or improving resilience. Putin understands force and pain.

    • Alexandre Strokanov

      Previously, such ideas were expressed by Napoleon and Hitler. Study history, my friend!

      • Everett Brunson

        The cybersphere doesn’t have to worry about or consider Russian winters.

        • Alexandre Strokanov

          Everett, only very poorly educated in history people try to explain Russian victories against aggressors by winters. Study history, my friend!

  • Listen, the so-called “West”, discredited itself completely – millions of trolls will not help restore the reputation of the “western” benefactor. “Self-admiration, arrogance, confidence in one’s own exclusivity is your main problem.

    Послушайте, так называемый “запад”, дискредитировал себя полностью – миллионы троллей не помогут восстановить репутацию “западной “благодетели”. Самолюбование, самонадеянность, уверенность в собственной исключительности – это ваша главная проблема.

  • MohammedTheTeddyBear

    This comment-thread = proof positive of how Russian muzhik piglets haven’t yet gotten over the Inferiority Complex versus the West they’ve had since Peter the “Great”, nor the constant refrain of conspiracy theories they use to excuse their backwardness…….example: their pushing of fake books like “the Protocols of the Elders of Zion” since the late 1800’s.

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