Human Rights & Corruption
Getting Tough with Aliyev

The Trump Administration should use the Magnitsky Act to punish human rights abuses and corruption in Azerbaijan.

Published on: October 17, 2017
David Kramer is a senior fellow at Florida International University’s Green School of International and Public Affairs, a former Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, and author of the recent book, Back to Containment: Dealing with Putin’s Regime. Richard Kauzlarich is a Distinguished Visiting Professor at George Mason University and former U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan and to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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  • AnonymoussSoldier

    Everything you list may well be true, but it’s also true of numerous other regimes. The Chinese regime, for example, does all of those things, and it has far more resources with which to do them.
    Put it this way. The North Korean dictatorship released Warmbier, albeit on deaths doorstep, to die a free man. The Chinese regime did not release Liu Xiaobo for treatment, or even to die at home. The Chinese regime didn’t even have the same minuscule grace as the North Korean lunatic dictator.

    • Bankotsu

      But Liu Xiao Bo is a criminal. Compare Warmbier with Liu Xiao Bo? Are you nuts?

    • Suzy Dixon

      That’s a great point, Mr. Anonymous. I’ve heard the “chinas ruling party stuck its Nobel laureate in prison to die” but who thought the CPC cares about Nobel laureates? Justaxposd with the Warmbier situation you can get a much clearer picture.

  • Fat_Man

    Azerbaijan is a place that 99.99% of the American public can neither spell nor locate on a map. I know where it it is because my mother spent a year there in her childhood because her father was on the lam from Stalin. But, I cannot spell it.

    Be that as it may Azerbaijan is the quintessential third world hell hole that the US should pay no attention to at all. If anyone in Congress spends a minute of his time on Azerbaijan, while Obamacare, immigration, tax reform, and infrastructure are un resolved, he has betrayed the public trust.

  • WigWag

    Nonsense, what we should be doing is showing Azerbaijan and Ilham Aliye a lot of love. It’s only the nutcase neoconservatives and their equally deluded cousins, the lame brained liberal internationalists who believe we should be worrying about human rights in countries most Americans have never heard of.

    Azerbaijan is of enormous value to the Mossad and the CIA in our conflict with Iran. While Iran and Azerbaijan have a poor relationship (despite their religious kinship), Azerbaijan has excellent relations with the West.

    To thank the Azerbaijanis, we should be providing them with assistance in their fight with Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh.

    It’s definitely in American interests to support Ailye. Of course, David Kramer doesn’t think so; swamp creature that he is.

  • Ali Panahov

    DAVID J. KRAMER & RICHARD KAUZLARICH… Ex-diplomats which is had got a good salary and best conditions, but they are free now and they need some money… Thats why they financed by known foundation for chating against Azerbaijan… Like these statements are contradictory to relations of Azerbaijan and USA… They have own interests and these informations which was given by reduntant diplomats are radically falsehood… If they are protector of human rights then where the statement about more than million refugees of Nagorny Karabakh?

  • Abbas Pənahov

    There are police brutality almost in every country in the world , but the worst one is in the USA ( killing afro-americans not matters of what) and Germany ( set the immigrant to fire in the police station). I think USA should have value human lives than trying to blame any other country in the world. USA didnt sign and ratify numerous international conventions and protokols ( including

    1948 – Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise Convention, not signed
    1951 – Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, party to only the 1967 protocol
    1966 – First Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, not signed
    1969 – Convention on the Non-Applicability of Statutory Limitations to War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, not ratified
    1979 – Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, signed but not ratified
    1989 – Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, not signeda

    • Loğman İbra

      USA consider itself the most powerful and democratic country in the world. However, Police killing people become like tradition in US. White Americans are more likely than black Americans to have used most kinds of illegal drugs, including cocaine, marijuana and LSD. Yet blacks are far more likely to go to prison for drug offenses.It is just ridiculous to blame any other country while it has only political content. USA calling Saudi as an ally and blames far more democratic Azerbaijan where Women’s suffrage is granted since 1918, first demoractic country in the East.

  • D4x

    Azerbaijan is a secular muslim-majority country with a literacy rate of 99.5 percent. A better use of time by David J. Kramer & Richard Kauzlarich, and Congressmen Smith and McGovern would be to figure out how America can learn Financial Literacy from these 4th graders in Baku, who all speak English:

    “19 March 2015, Baku: A series of events of ‘Global Money Week’ within the ‘Financial Literacy’ project was initiated by the CBA Center
    for Research and Development on 9-17 March of this year.

    IV grade students of school # 220, the Baku city teleconferenced with their peers from Jono Pauliaus gymnasium of the Kaunas
    city, Lithuania within the framework of this year events. Students showed our
    national currency to their Lithuanian peers, explaining the meanings of symbols
    on national banknotes of various denominations. Students asked questions on
    daily pocket money, saving and spending, and introduced cashboxes to one another.

    [no photo]
    Students of schools # 31 and 26, the Sumgait city also spoke with their peers from the high school named after Stoyan Novakovich in the Blase city, Serbia via teleconference. First, students informed one another on their countries and national currencies. Further, Serbian students gave presentations about Serbian coins of the XII-XX centuries. In the end,
    Azerbaijani students shared social messages about the rational use of money,
    functions of money, and saving with their peers.
    The language of the both teleconferences was English.

    The key goal of Global Money Week and various educationalevents, already traditional in Azerbaijan, is to raise awareness of children
    and the youth on economic and financial issues and improve their rational financial behavior.”
    [I can not believe how many people get paid to be useless ‘experts’, or that I got suckered into reading this, only because I could not believe that Azerbaijan was the new DIRE WARNING from TAI, desperately seeking to see the worst in everyone because they used to talk with Russia!]

  • Vuqar Mirzeyev

    It is remarkable that, these two former diplomats have no serious role in shaping of the US foreign policy. Otherwise, the relations between countries would be in a state of enmity.

  • Vuqar Mirzeyev

    These two “vultures” claim that the situation in Azerbaijan deteriorated after 2003. Perhaps the condition of the fifth column, which turned into a toy in the hands of foreign forces, really deteriorated. But over the past 14 years, the country has undergone major development, the socio-economic infrastructure had been renewed, the economy had grown, and the state of population had improved significantly. 250.000 IDPs had been relocated to the newly built settlements. But Kramer and Kozlarich don’t care about it, they are more interested in the fates of a bunch of hypocrites.

  • Vuqar Mirzeyev

    The forgetful diplomats explain the change the decision of the imprisonment about the Mehman Aliyev by the sanctions proposed in the pro-Armenian Chris Smith’s draft resolution. However, this draft had been already put forward in late 2015. It was expected that some “political prisoners” working for the foreigners would be pardoned prior to the New Year, but after the draft emerged, all of them had to stay in prison.

  • Muradov Farid

    Everything from the recorded information is clear. This type of writing can only be written by a person who works with Armenian lobby. The essence of the article is that it wants to shoot between two friendly countries. It is not without reason. US President Trump sent two letters of congratulation to the President of Azerbaijan in a week. This has created irritability for those who do not want us. Anti-Azerbaijani forces can not break relations between two friends. President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev noted US-Azerbaijani relations are based on mutual trust.

  • Famil Rustemli

    Azerbaijan has regularly faced the West`s double standards over its years of independence. It became clear as time passed by that it is geopolitical and strategic interests of some foreign circles, in particular, the USA that lie behind this approach.

  • Famil Rustemli

    Obviously this is the reason why some circles in the USA started to think that Azerbaijan chose the path of “ignoring” the West and its values, that Azerbaijan is neither interested in European integration, nor in developing its relations with Washington and its allies. Maybe this is what lies behind the growing number of treacherously written (or ordered) fictitious articles, which contradict to the notion of partnership and simple ethical norms, in Western media, particularly the Washington Post, which is considered an official body of the Department of State. Funded from the U.S. budget, organizations like Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, etc. are used as tools of pressure against Azerbaijan. Not only the U.S. media and organizations, but also some civil society institutions and media outlets in Europe are encouraged to a real crusade against Azerbaijan.

  • Fərid Murad

    Azerbaijan is a democratic state. This is known to everyone. Writers do not have detailed information about our country. It’s enough to say something. Thus, the former US ambassador has been active in Azerbaijan for several months. Instead of developing relationships during the period of his activity, he was attempting to do something wrong. Well, he went out of the country quickly. The person working for the Armenian lobby never speaks the truth. It’s just about money. The people-power union has been ensured in our country. The purpose of such articles is clear. Azerbaijan pursues an independent policy. This is a concern for some people.
    Azerbaijan has equal rights with all countries. (Except for Armenia)

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