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Food for Thought
They Were What They Ate

How much does the contents of one’s plate reflect the content of one’s character? One new book argues: quite a lot.

Appeared in: Volume 13, Number 2 | Published on: September 8, 2017
Jennifer Hewett lives in Sydney and loves to eat, but is definitely not a good cook.
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  • Gary Hemminger

    Strange but wonderful article

  • ApathyNihilism

    Surely it does. Choosing to be vegan or vegetarian, for example, reflects one’s character.

  • PierrePendre

    Mrs Roosevelt apart, I thought women didn’t have independent appetites – other than for as much chocolate as they could get – and catered entirely to their husband’s tastes, “what would you like for supper tonight” being the last question as they ushered him out of the door in the morning. If you want to know what women ate, find out what their husbands preferred which was presumably closely modelled on what their mothers brought them up on.

  • e Williamson

    What complete drivel – hopefully the writer and her readers will soon find more meaningful and substantive pursuits.

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