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Russia & The West
Gas Attack

Why killing the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project is crucial for European security.

Published on: September 5, 2017
Kirk Bennett is a retired U.S. Foreign Service Officer who worked principally on Russia and the former Soviet space.
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  • Tom

    The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is only the most egregious example of European hypocrisy regarding Russia. While demanding that the US maintain and increase forces in Europe due to the Russian threat, and hyperventilating over the idea that Trump is a Russian stooge, the Euros routinely quibble about and skirt sanctions while “expressing concern” about dependency on American natural gas in order to justify their reliance on natural gas from the supposed bogeyman.
    Dear Europe: make up your minds already!

    • Ivan Ivanov

      Or maybe it’s the other way around? US scare Europeans with a ghost of Russian threat with the goal of Europeans buying American gas?

      • Alexey from RU

        I think you’re an agent of the Kremlin ๐Ÿ™‚

        • SESILs

          Being an agent of the Kremlin is fashionable, honorable and dangerous!

          Trump is a Kremlin agent!

          Even General Lee was an agent of the Kremlin!

          That is why the Communists in the United States demolished his monument!

          Communists just hate the Kremlin today =)

        • Ivan Ivanov

          Yes, today we are all agents of the Kremlin!

          • Alexey from RU


    • Leonardo Giuseppe Masia

      It’s long overdue. The nations which keep “demanding that the US maintain and increase forces in Europe due to the Russian threat, and hyperventilating over the idea that Trump is a Russian stooge” are exactly the same nations (Poland, etc.) which OPPOSE NS2. While the nations which “routinely quibble about and skirt sanctions while “expressing concern” about dependency on American natural” are exactly the nations which WANT NS2 (especially because pipeline gas is CHEAPER than the other).
      If EU would have remained what it was BEFORE the enlargement which towed Poland and the rest of “new Europeans” into EU, NS2 would be a done deal aready.
      This fact, maybe, explains WHO wanted that “enlargement” indeed, and why…

  • Alexey from RU

    want to feed “Ukraine” – feed. Why is it different it should do?

  • 0x7be

    It has something to do with business. Ukraine has already cut off gas transint before during infamous “Gas wars” with Russia effectively holding EU engergy security at ransom to push it’s own agenda. Putting line around Ukraine secures buisess from political matters.

  • Andrew Jones

    Hello? Zakharchenko is Ukrainian. So were Khrushchev, Brezhniev, Chernenko, Gorbatchev and half of Politburo. Please study a bit before writing your absurdity.

  • 0x7be

    Who is mister Kharchenko??? Guys, if you pretend to produce seiruous analytics try at least not to misspell people’s names ๐Ÿ™‚

  • SESILs

    “including state-of-the-art MiG-35s, Su-30s and Su-34s all supposedly โ€œcaptured from Ukraine,โ€ and flown by volunteer pilots on holiday from the Russian Air Force.”

    It’s delightful!

    The author forgot to write that Russia dropped at least 2 nuclear bombs in Ukraine!

    One to Donetsk airport, and the second to Kiev =)

  • Aen Elle

    It is not the responsibility of Russia to aliment Ukraine through paying transit fees. As a transit country, Ukraine repeatedly proved unreliable and larcenous, engaging in unauthorized tapping and stealing gas. Let alone the fact that it is a failed state ruled by a regime that is rabidly anti-Russian. As soon as the current transit contract is terminated, Ukraine must be removed from the supply chain once and for all.

  • Mika Riik

    Thank you for this highly insightful writing.

    What has still not surfaced is what Russia has promised to Germany. Maybe in exchange for approval of NS2, Germany might get a hefty price reduction?

    What typically remains unappreciated is that European leaders are “peace time” leaders who have a good track record in spreading prosperity to their citizens. But they are completely unprepared to confront the ever hostile Russia with appropriate resolve and measures. Even after the Ukrainian war, they still tend to think that pleasing Russia would somehow suppress Russian appetite. But they are dead wrong.

  • Vasily Sht

    This is nonsense!!! what’s your business where Russia builds gas pipelines ??? where he wants to build gas pipelines there. article full of nonsense. the author of the article is a propagandist. clearly does not respect its readers. and considers them idiots.

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