After Maidan
Ukraine Is Still Its Own Worst Enemy

Kyiv’s “patronal” politics and soft authoritarianism could extinguish the promise of the Maidan, just as they did the Orange Revolution before it.

Published on: August 31, 2017
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  • KremlinKryptonite

    Patronage politics exists and persists pretty much everywhere, and sadly the US is no exception. But it’s certainly true that one of Russia’s greatest exports is corruption — more specifically they export corrupt officials’ money (almost entirely to the west) as well as their kids who are sent to school in the west and live well, including Putin’s. plenty of western countries, namely Germany and Italy, are addicted to this money

    Ukraine is not getting back Crimea unless Putin is six feet under and replaced with a real reformer. You know I met Putin, or rather I was in his midst, while accompanying my superior to the security conference in Munich in 2007. You can see two things in his eyes. Power and calm. You know he’s assertive and will use power when he sees a gap in which to use it. It doesn’t mean he knows where things are going, and things may very well end badly for him at some point. He’s clearly as much a prisoner of the Kremlin as he is the warden. No one to guarantee his freedom the way he did for the Yeltsins.

  • Angel Martin

    “..similar to the role Joe Biden played in the Obama Administration—to hold Kyiv’s feet to the fire in the fight against corruption.”

    Since Biden’s efforts here were not a success (to put it mildly), I doubt a similar effort by the Trump Administration would produce any different results.

    The USA needs to get real wrt how governance is really going to be in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi etc.

    These countries are going to be corrupt until the locals force change. The occasional US official flying in to hector them about transparency isn’t going to achieve anything.

    The USA and others in the West need to make foreign policy decisions ASSUMING these countries will be corrupt.

    Otherwise you end up like Vietnam, where step one of the “victory strategy” was reform of the Saigon government – which never happened.

  • Angel Martin

    Maybe Trump should appoint James Comey as Ukraine “anti-coruption” ambassador since he has extensive experience in law enforcement corruption, patronage and hidden networks.

  • Андрей Соколов

    “The greatest danger for Ukraine today, therefore, may not be being
    overrun by Russia or abandoned by the United States. Instead, the danger
    lies in Ukraine’s gradual backsliding into bitter patronage politics
    and soft authoritarianism—twin scourges that could put out the promise
    of the Maidan just as surely as they extinguished the Orange Revolution.” Brigades of men in masks, which destroy the opponents of the government, are now called “soft authoritarianism”? Bravo.

  • Imba

    ” and its leadership is getting to be as corrupt, self-dealing, and nakedly authoritarian as the one uprooted by the Maidan protests”
    What a laugh…
    80-85% of todays countries ruling part are the same people that ruled it for the past decade or more. Maidan only removed Yanukovich and his team, but rest of the government are still same.

  • Русский

    All that you are
    doing now with Ukraine you did with Russia in the 1990s, you are using
    national traitors to destroy the local population through so-called
    reforms and helping to plunder the country with the oligarchy,
    destroying the savings of citizens and sowing mutual hatred, all this
    you did in Russia in the 1990s years, as a result of this
    genocide, you killed 6-7 million Russians, we have not forgotten
    anything, we all remember and it will come time we ask you for it,
    because Russia never forgets and pays the bills, even if 100-200 years

  • Пэдро Бандерлогов

    “President Trump, acting on the advice of his more experienced aides, has shifted to a more conventional foreign policy, while a skeptical Congress has tied his hands on resetting relations with Russia.”

    These “more experienced assistants” are anti-American forces, because they destroy all constructive attempts to build peace and turn many countries into US enemies.

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