Iran and a Hard Place
Let’s Break a Deal
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  • KremlinKryptonite

    It’s a bad deal indeed. Not only because it doesn’t and can’t guarantee nonproliferation for good, but because it was too narrowly defined. It doesn’t include the missile program or even the vagaries of human rights. So, unfortunately for Tehran, sanctions on missile activities doesn’t violate the deal at all. And, unfortunate for Trump, if they are in compliance, even only for the moment, then he doesn’t have cause to break the deal.
    The flip side is that Rouhani and the current government care very much about the deal, as getting the economy moving again was a top priority. If the deal breaks down for whatever reason then it spells big losses for Iran too.

  • FriendlyGoat

    One of the growing themes of Republican USA is that it has no idea what to do “after” having fits. Congress and the president do not know what to do after yelling for seven years about PPACA, and no idea how to craft workable tax reform after over-selling completely unrealistic tax ideas and unfunded infrastructure promises. They have no idea what to do with budgets and deficits. They have no idea what to do after scrapping TPP and TTIP, after heavily criticizing NAFTA, after bailing on Paris, after ratcheting up against China, after threatening North Korea, after being punked by Russia—–and they have no idea what to do with Iran after they break the existing deal. The “don’t knows” are piling up to an unbelievable level.

    • Anthony

      It’s both nonsensical and internationally detrimental (not to mention domestically disappointing beyond the true believers [not to be confused with the idea manipulators]).

    • Angel Martin

      there is no “they”

      There are the Trump Republicans and the DC Republicans.

      The DC Republicans agree with Democrats on Obamacare, TPP/TTIP, Iran, trade, illegal immigration, NAFTA, climate change and the “Russian” threat.

      At least people in the USA have a choice – Trump or Uniparty Douches.

      In other countries there is no Trump. Our “conservatives” agree with the rest of the progressive globalist hive on TPP, Iran, Trade, NAFTA climate change and “evil” Putin.

      • FriendlyGoat

        Well, some chose Trump and the results of that are as I told seattleoutcast.

    • seattleoutcast

      Wow, what a load of “I really don’t know anything about my opposition party.” Rather than preach to the commentariat who really know what’s going on within the party, you might want to listen to them. They are an astute bunch with many insights into the republican party.

      • FriendlyGoat

        The Republicans are an active bunch mainly deregulating corporate inconveniences and looking for ways to slap unincorporated people. As for the commentariat, most of it is growing weary of the “tweet without a plan” plan—–left side and right side.

        • seattleoutcast

          Is that why under Obama my rent, health care and general cost of living has skyrocketed?

          I didn’t realize that Utopia was ruined by republicans. History will show that the democrats are the party that got in bed with corporations. The evidence is obvious: Apple, Facebook, Boeing, GE etc etc who all gave money to the democrats. Hillary promised more H1B visas. I’m sorry your hatred blinds you to these facts.

          • FriendlyGoat

            Did you not have any inflation of your costs in the Bush years?

          • seattleoutcast

            It would behoove you to examine historical charts. On the day you decide to be objective and really want to know how Trump got elected, just look at yourself. Until then you will continue to scratch your head.

            Die Wahrheit triumphiert nie, ihre Gegner sterben nur aus.
            Max Planck

          • FriendlyGoat

            I know how Trump got elected. Among other things, he promised people a great number of unrealistic results they have not received and cannot receive. If you don’t want me to reply to you, either don’t tag on my comments or block me from your own view, okay?

  • TedForti

    So much of the chaos and instability we see in the world must be laid at the feet of the man who caused it : Obama. The Iran deal is just another example of Obama’s egregious and shameful dereliction of duty to America and her Constitution. What we see in North Korea today we will surely see in Iran tomorrow. Thank you Obama.

    Unfortunately, the horse has bolted – it’s too late shutting the gate. Iran now has the money, time and space to pursue its objectives. Remember those? Death to America, death to Israel, regional hegemony and global jihad. Thank you again Obama.

    Should the deal be ended? I believe yes. End this sham deal and deal with Iran now or deal with a nuclear Iran later.

  • WigWag

    Here’s an idea; inform our NATO allies that if they don’t reimpose sanctions on Iran that Article 5 of the NATO charter is no longer in effect and that the United States will be starting the process of terminating our involvement with NATO. The organization provides nothing of value to the United States while providing a great service to our useless European faux-allies. Either our European allies should follow our orders or we should dump them in the trash can where they belong.

    As for Iran, we should dismantle their air defense systems and then bomb every electricity generating plant, reservoir, manufacturing facility and government building until they resemble a fetid pile of rubble.

    We should leave Tehran alone (lots of pro-American Iranians there) but the rest of the country should end up looking like Dresden after World War II.

    In short, we should take a lesson from the way the Russians fought to protect Assad.

    No more fighting wars we don’t plan to win. If you’re not willing to obliterate your enemy, you’re not a superpower, you’re a has-been.

    Unfortunately, none of this is likely to happen. All the genuine patriots have been purged from the White House and what remains are the keystone cops masquerading as Generals or retired Generals.

    It’s these same Generals who’s incompetence has insured that the United States has not actually emerged victorious in any of the (hot) wars it has fought since 1945.

    • Angel Martin

      “If our European “friends” get in the way, it’s time to treat them like the petulant adolescents that they are.”

      German Defence Minister Ursula von whatever welcomed Trump’s commitment to increase US troops in Afghanistan, declined to provide any additional German troops, but said the NATO partners expected to be consulted on US future strategy in Afghanistan.

      The USA needs to pull the plug on this circus.

      • WigWag

        Calling it a circus is the perfect description. Unfortunately the clowns (Mattis, Kelly, McMaster) have taken charge. Despite their high rank, they are men of no accomplishment.

        Tell me; which wars that these men led did the United States actually win?

        Trump is enamored with Generals. It is his Achilles heal.

        • Angel Martin

          Trump wants Patton, but he has his choice of various Lloyd Fredendalls.

          There are too many PC morons at the top who are content with an army of Bradley Mannings, Major Hasans and the idiots on the McCain and the Fitzgerald.

          Trump needs to reach deeper into the ranks to find competent commanders.

  • Fat_Man

    “Iran’s military sites are off limits … All information about these sites are classified,”

    And this is a worthwhile arms control deal?

    Are you people all insane?

    • Angel Martin

      Just following the pattern of “disarmament” treaties signed by the old USSR

  • Kenneth Currie

    So, we let our “allies” determine what our approach to Iran should be?

  • Eurydice

    Ok, I don’t understand this argument. Wasn’t the point that Iran shouldn’t be able to “resume production of highly enriched uranium in a matter of days”? If they’re already non-compliant, then how does it make sense to stick with a deal for fear that they might do what they’re already doing? I guess this is why I’m not a diplomat.

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