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  • D4x

    TAI is dropping Disqus. I was surprised it was back on in the blog posts when I came
    back to read last night, but the Features now require a sign-in to use WordPress for comments, which is a problem. Plus, no edit feature in WordPress, or images option.

    In response to my email, about cancelling my subscription, Damir responded . It was about Disqus wanting payment to stop the intrusive ads. And/or too many of us use ad blocker, which is what I did to block the ads that were intruding on the text.

    Made my Disqus profile public. Not sure I want to just disappear online again, and the TAI commentariat is why I come here.

    • ——————————

      I was also surprised to see Disqus back…and am wondering why it came back? When are they switching to WordPress? I probably won’t comment anymore then if there is no edit or images option. I also didn’t like having to download WordPress. Would rather deal with the ads…and I don’t have an ad blocker. The downloading seems too intrusive, I like total anonymity.

      Disqus is a business, not a hobby, and has to be profitable. If they need to start running ads it is understandable. I am quite sure the people at TAI don’t work cheap or free…so….

      Maybe they will bring back Disqus if enough people drop from TAI…..

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