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Donald's European Vacation
The Blowhard in Brussels
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  • Dhako

    Oh, boyo, you have just (perhaps inadvertently or perhaps deliberately) shaken down the hornet’s nests in here, particularly with this argument of yours. Hence, be prepared to have swarm of vicious bites coming your way any minute now. In particular from Trump’s emotional groupies, who congregate in this parish, just so they can “sniff” each other’s armpits. So, you really have my commiseration as well as wishing you the best of luck in living through this onslaught of verbal ordeal that will be coming your way.

    • ——————————


      Confucius say…Man who breathe too deep when collecting Night Soil damage brain so then make stupid comment on blog.

      You better get a PET scan Grasshopper….

    • seattleoutcast

      Another thoughtless rant from Dhako. I expected no less 🙂

      Please use facts the next time you give a ‘clear’ argument, it might help.

      • Pete

        Don’t honor the troll with a reply. The little twit will dry up and blow away

    • Angel Martin

      Hey Dhako, don’t invest too heavily in any dodgy Wealth Management Products…

      I wouldn’t want you to be part of the $4 trillion in losses when those Madoff inspired “investments” blow up.

  • rheddles

    All in all, more worthy of the Huffington Post than TAI.

  • Tom Scharf

    Congratulations, this is without question the worst thing I have ever read on this site, and I’ve been reading this site for years.

    Just an emotional rant with nothing newsworthy in it. This wasn’t opinion masquerading as news. The was vile anti-Trump dogma masquerading as opinion.

    Where are the editors here? How does this pass muster?

  • Mike

    Well… I was about to abandon The American Ignorance for good, but, thanks to this piece, I’ll read it a little longer.

  • QET

    You have GOT to be kidding! When Eastern European nations supported the US in Iraq, Chirac told them, very publicly, to shut up. But of course, it is Trump who is rude, boorish, tyrannical.

    As for what our alleged European “friends” will do now that they have been talked to brusquely, hopefully they will behave like adults and not sit in their corner offices and sulk and make such friendly pronouncements as “Trump must be removed from office immediately.” Who, again, is the tyrant? Based on your reaction to Trump delivering a little dose of fiscal reality among free-loaders who, as you put it in your main article, insist that we credit their non-military activities, activities they believe to be “morally superior” as you put it, to the military side of the ledger, I can only imagine your head exploding were Trump to insist that Merkel be removed from office immediately.

    And if you believe that Europeans are the closest approximation of “our vibrant liberties,” you simply have not been paying attention. The Western European nations are competing with each other to see who can abandon the Western political tradition the most rapidly and with the most fanfare, and the last administration was only too eager to join them in that endeavor.

    How about this: whose support is more crucial to whom? Theirs to us, or ours to them?

    • D4x

      Der Spiegel was confused, because this sounds like the EU regulatory bureaucracy: “…decisions are capricious and they are delivered in the form of tyrannical decrees.” The EU is stealth fascism in their governing ideology:
      “…The sad reality is that a neo-fascism is in fashion today, but not because of Trump. Rather, by growing government, empowering it to regulate most everything and allowing “crony capitalism,” we get ever closer to Mussolini’s ideal, “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” …”

      QET: a typo? ‘rude’, not ‘ride, boorish…’?

      • QET

        Indeed a typo, thanks. Truman’s bluntness resulted in a classic moniker: “Give’Em Hell Harry.” Times sure have changed.

  • QET

    Apparently it is nothing short of an outrageous performance of malicious incompetence for Trump to publicly shame European leaders who want all of the benefits of a military alliance with as few of the burdens as they can get away with (I can’t remember if your main article addressed that wonderful courtesy shown to NATO and the USA by de Gaulle when he kicked NATO bases out of France), yet c’est la vie and “well he had it coming didn’t he” for a “friendly” ally to respond by insisting he be removed from office. With friends like Germany. . . . .

    • tellourstory

      I’m old enough to remember when Jean-Claude Juncker threatened the US by supporting the secession of Ohio and Austin, Texas (I guess he wants Austin to be a city-state??), way back in March of this year. I also vaguely recall that a certain German car company was cheating on the US emissions tests, even though climate change is supposed to be the most important issue of our time according to our “closest friends.”

      If these are our closest friends and allies, I think the US needs to begin retooling its relationships.

    • Gary Hemminger

      Germany has its head in the sand (better than what I was going to say). they don’t give a damn about the rest of the world. they are the most self centered western country in the world. I should know. I am German. they are an embarrassment to the global community. A bunch of peaceniks and greenies that are completely out of touch with the world.

  • WigWag

    Is it Donald Trump who’s the blowhard or is it Kori Schake?

    Of course she doesn’t get it; she’s a hyper educated former advisor to that nitwit, John McCain. She’s also one of those members of the clerisy who takes advantage of the revolving door between government service, journalism, academia and the corrupt world of think tanks. She represents so much that is wrong with America wrapped up in an obnoxious package. She calls Trump snarling while snarling herself.

    Trump gave precisely the right message to the Europeans and he gave the message he promised Americans that he would give to our faux-allies during the election campaign. In fact, its part of the reason he won.

    The idea that Montenegro should be part of NATO is as pathetic as it is ridiculous. We might just as well invite Somalia or Haiti to join NATO. Those nations may not be in Europe, but they are only slightly more poor, dysfunctional or ill-equipped to provide anything valuable to NATO then Montenegro is.

    Here’s the deal, Kori; millions of Americans are fed-up with watching our communities deteriorate, our infrastructure collapse and our manufacturing jobs stolen while our tax dollars flow overseas to defend a bunch of fat, self-serving welfare queens which is precisely what our EU and NATO allies are.

    You can take Article 5 and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. Let the Europeans defend themselves; especially the good for nothing Germans and French. What makes Germany an ally while Russia is an adversary? At least the Russians aren’t stealing American manufacturing jobs by taking advantage of a weak Euro. All of those decimated communities in the midwest that have come to resemble ghost towns have a far bigger complaint with the Germans than they will ever have with the Russians.

    While Trump was in Europe he told it like it is. If anything he should have been harsher.

    If the Europeans don’t like it, they can lump it. That goes for your increasingly demented ex-boss, John McCann as well.

    • seattleoutcast

      Thanks, WigWag. You’ve covered everything brilliantly. McCain is a pompous blow hard who, I believe, only ran again to keep a true conservative out of the Senate. His actions show how spiteful and mendacious he really is.

      • Andrew Allison

        I agree with WigWag that McCain is obviously suffering from dementia (or perhaps, like Ms. Schake, it’s simply advanced TDS).

      • WigWag

        Here’s the deal with elite snobs like Schake. She wants the United States to play the patsy.

        • DiogenesDespairs

          The headline:

          US Refuses To Be Rolled
          Any More: World Outraged

          • WigWag


    • rheddles

      “For the first time ever @KoriSchake and I are casting our vote for the same candidate — She is voting for @HillaryClinton,” Kristina Schake, the deputy communications director for Clinton, tweeted Saturday, referring to her sister, Kori, a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution who worked for the National Security Council and the State Department under President George W. Bush after a stint at the Pentagon in the 1990s.

      I’m thinkin’ Redwood City.

      • D4x

        Great catch. Need to be Sherlock Holmes to know when it is safe to proceed to read…

    • John Nicolson

      WigWag, you sound like a putin’s cuckold. I think you should euthanize yourself asap.

    • 1952rmdg

      Great retort – thanks for providing the historical basis for exposing Ms. Schake and her elitist, failing agenda.

  • Pete

    Yes, the euro-parasites act poorly when the threat is made to take their rice bowl away.

  • Jeff77450

    DJT is the proverbial bull-in-a-china-shop but most of the leaders of Europe are a bunch of spineless PC parasites bleeding the American taxpayer white and also sacrificing their own people to the PC god of islamization.

  • markterribile

    We got into this mess by leaders valuing comity over truth. Our hopes of avoiding the disaster at the end of this road lie in the telling of the truth.

  • Andrew Allison
  • Gary Hemminger

    unfortunately Trump is the president for the next 4 years. It is about
    time people get used to it. Oh and another thing…who the heck cares
    what the European weaklings say about what Trump says. Trump is saying
    it for his domestic audience. It is called nationalism. It is about
    time that writers like Kori get used to the fact that they are the ones
    that brought about this nationalism, so look in the mirror and repeat
    after me…”the more I snear at the deplorables, the more of them there
    will be. the more I yearn for open borders, the more deplorables there
    will be…the more I call for the destruction of energy intensive jobs
    because of climate change, the more deplorables there will be.” Keep
    repeating until you get it.

    • Albert8184

      “The more I subvert college campuses to centers for anti-American radicalism….”
      “The more I scream ‘white privilege’ at underemployed blue collar heartland people living in trailers from paycheck to paycheck’….
      “The more I rely on judicial activism to bypass Congress….”
      “The more I break the law flagrantly to protest law and order….”

      Wow. There might be too many for the average libtard to remember without a script.

    • FriendlyGoat

      Or—–it is about time we blame the dumb a$$es who voted for the result you call “Unfortunately” in your first conflicted word. You know what? We will. Every day.

      • seattleoutcast

        Ahhh, there’s the arrogance inherent in the left. Thanks for showing us exactly how superior you feel to the people who just want jobs. Time to leave the coast and head inland to see the destruction the left and prog republicans have wrought.

        • FriendlyGoat

          Everybody wants jobs. You think you’ll get more of them if you repeal Donald Trump’s Alternative Minimum Tax and Estate Tax. I don’t. I think you’ll be laughed at as a mark who got taken in.

          • Eurydice

            The Democrats were no help, either – so I suppose those folks would have been marks even if they’d voted for Hillary.

          • FriendlyGoat

            They would have gotten divided government—-meaning gridlock or compromise. Now, they get the Whole Republican Enchilada.

          • Eurydice

            They already had divided government and gridlock and it didn’t work for them. And the Democrats didn’t speak to them during the campaign, so that wasn’t an appealing choice. There’s really no getting away from the fact that both parties fielded rotten candidates. And it’s not just they who get the Whole Republican Enchilada, we all do.

          • FriendlyGoat

            Yes, we all get the Whole Republican Enchilada. The “debates” surrounding PPACA replacement tell everyone what that meal is. The Trump budget tells us. The tax cut proposals tell us. The deregulation tells us. Gorsuch tells us. If you’re wealthy, it’s a dream. If not, Sorry Sucker.

          • Eurydice

            Those not wealthy have been hearing “Sorry Sucker” since the dawn of time.

          • FriendlyGoat

            The more enlightened the age, the more scandalous that becomes.

          • seattleoutcast

            See, you’re avoiding the issue. Hillary promised to open the borders further. She probably would’ve wanted more H1B visas, too. Since you are insulated from these issues, you find them beneath you. But believe me, many, many people have suffered from these terrible policies. And calling people stupid when Trump was a better choice than Hillary just makes you cold and insensitive. You might as well say they should just eat cake.

          • FriendlyGoat

            You think you’re getting fewer immigrants in the “good” American jobs? The wall is to have a “big beautiful door” in it and newcomers are to be admitted “on merit” (to compete with you). These are not meaningless quotes from Mr. Trump. The business community will be given whatever guest workers it asks for.

  • Kevin

    “Will allied parliaments support increased defense spending when it will be seen by their voters as rewarding President Trump?”

    You mean like how they all fell over each other to do so for Obama? Oh I forget, they have NEVER done so.

  • Isaiah6020

    Area cat lady who always hated Trump still hates Trump. And now for the weather. Katie?

  • Albert8184

    It’s not Trump. It’s just Trump this time. They hate the American people more. Remember that the next time they call upon America to shed blood for their continent… mopping up the messes they make between themselves. Our entire problem with terrorism now is because of our meddling in the mess of colonialist resentments they created in Asia and Africa.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Vladimir Putin is your friend—–maybe—-it depends. Saudi Arabia is your friend——maybe—–it depends. Twenty-seven European nations are your freeloading enemies——maybe—–it depends. How long does it take until you recognize you’re being invited to reside in a loony bin?

    • CosmotKat

      While you spew your hatred, Goat another slaughter of Coptic Christians and the Muslim world and their allies in the Democratic Party celebrate. What you wearing to the party, Armani and a Kaffiya?

  • Mike

    NATO countries must demonstrate their commitment to common defense. Buying naming rights for a few buildings would be a good start, and it will only take a billion or two.

  • Fred

    Oh for God’s sake, who cares what the Euroweenies think? And no matter what any president says, they’ll send troops anywhere they feel it’s in their interest to do so and won’t send them anywhere they don’t think it’s in their interest. And frankly, I don’t think I could care less about whether the Euroweenies “grieve” for us no matter how hard I tried.

  • Fat_Man

    “Donald Trump’s mafioso”

    I stopped there. Another victim of Trump derangement syndrome is outed.

    Schake: Come back when your medicine has kicked in.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Being Diplomatic when the truth of the relationship is otherwise, will gain America nothing but the Status Quo.

  • solstice

    Well, when The Donald elicits rage and contempt from the mainstream media, academia, neocons, the entertainment industry, and Western European elites, that’s how you know that he’s doing something right.

  • PierrePendre

    It’s safe to say that no other Nato government leader would have the Trumps round to dinner. But then the only recent American president they would have willingly had at their tables was the transcendental, honorary European Mr Obama who was given a buckshee Nobel peace prize to prove it (I wonder where he keeps that bauble, never heard of since?). The election of Mr Macron as president of France has re-assured the transnational EU political class – Mr Tweedledum meet Mr Tweedledee – and the establishment MSM that nasty populism has peaked and is on the wane in Euroslavia. But it is not the United States that has reduced Nato to its parlous current state. Mr Bush and Mr Obama suggested politely that if the Europeans are so frightened of Mr Putin, they might want to pay more for their own defence. Now Mr Trump is repeating the message less politely because not enough of them are getting the message. By Mr Trump’s lights, Brussels is as much a swamp as Washington. If Putin does turn the screw, the Nato T&Ts will feel it before he does, Article 50 or not.

  • lehnne

    Rule 1: Europe’s longest period of peace and prosperity in the modern era is due to America not Europe
    Rule 2: see Rule 1 in case you write for TAI.
    Rule 3: There will not be a repeat of Rule 1

  • Rev Pete

    Trump stood up against the elitists in Europe and hit pieces like the one above will spew from them as they flounder on the dry shores of the disenfranchised and powerless with the fate they desired to impose on us.

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