Political Religion
The Trump Cult?

Is the movement that elected Donald Trump President of the United States a cult?

Published on: May 11, 2017
Adam Garfinkle is editor of The American Interest.
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  • Truth928

    That was dead on ! Nice Job.

  • Truth928

    YUP !!!

  • Truth928

    Garfinkle..just ANOTHER Propagandist towing the Globalist , Liberal, America Hating line. What do you think will be accomplished by this hail Mary of an article?…..talk about DESPERATE !!!!.. How DUMB is your CULT of deceit and Treachery called the main stream media? ?THE CONSTITUTION is the LAW of the land. Most Americans LOVE the Constitution and understand it is the only thing standing between us and the One World Globalists out to CRUSH every sovereign nation. We have seen 75,000 factories close (thanks to Al Gore and his Liberal Cult members) on the premise that “we cant harm the planet.” We have seen MILLIONS of illegal criminals enter our country and STEAL benefits from our citizens while destroying wages, increasing gang violence and putting a massive strain on our school system. Ms Clinton (a Whore of the Globalists)wanted 10s of millions more. We have seen “Trade Agreements” signed by Clinton and Obama- that do nothing but DESTROY our economy. We have seen repeated attempts by the media with help from Jackson, Sharpton, CNN, ESPN,and countless other “news” organizations bend over backwards to create and incite racial divides in hopes to create race riots. We have seen your parade of poorly run False Flag events followed by the well scripted Hysterical “coverage” filled with rants to try and disarm the populace. NONE of it is working. You and your TRAITOR friends in the media called Mr. Trump EVERY name in the book. “racist, misogynist, Hitler, White Supremacist,” etc. etc. etc. and continually LIE and Misrepresent what he does and says – Well guess what? WE THE PEOPLE KNOW you are LIARS and Devils and we know who your bosses are. Cult Leader? At least its a new one..You and yout Globalist bosses have underestimated THE PEOPLE. Your ONE vehicle that you could always go to to sway the masses is noe a Pathetic LAUGHING stock. We KNOW the Lies and manipulations that you spin on a daily basis and are only Amused …`

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