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Putin’s Isolation on Display at Victory Day
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  • Unelected Leader

    Why should it have a ton of friends? Russia’s economy is remarkably small given its population. The population is not wealthy per capita, and not particularly healthy either with its noticeably shorter lifespans. ALL the more reason the loser Dem’s newfound Russophobia is a steaming pile of [insert expletive]

  • PCB

    Sounds like for Moscow Mayors, every cloud indeed has a silver lining, and every rainbow, a pot of gold…

  • D4x

    Good to know Russia! is so irrelevant.

    • Che Guevara

      Russia is so irrelevant, isolated, and weak, they can’t stop writing about Russia.

    • Spencer

      He didn’t say Russia is irrelevant, he said Putin is isolated.

      • D4x

        Ok, but still tired of the Russia! obsession of too many American pundits. This is like a report on the cool kids not wanting Putin at the lunch table, which was US policy for past four years. Not a coincidence this was posted just as FM Lavrov’s day at the WH ended.
        Al-Monitor’s Laura Rozen has provided a good report on what was real news about Russia yesterday:

        “…Lavrov, at a subsequent press conference at the Russian Embassy, said he had discussed Syria and the proposal for de-escalation zones with Trump. They also discussed Ukraine, the Israel-Palestinian peace process and Afghanistan. He appreciated that the Trump administration was trying to reach practical solutions to problems and was not as ideological as the Obama administration, he said. …

        Lavrov’s first meetings in Washington in four years came after Undersecretary of State Tom Shannon met Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov in New York on May 8 as part of an effort that was announced when Tillerson met Lavrov in Russia last month to set up a high-level diplomatic channel to try to reduce irritants in the US-Russian bilateral
        relationship. Lavrov’s meetings also follow a phone call between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin last week. …”

  • Boritz

    Tom Hagen to Don Corleone: The Senator called–apologized for not coming personally, but said you’d understand. Also, some of the Judges…they’ve all sent gifts.

    • f1b0nacc1

      You just made my morning…thank you!

  • Suzy Dixon

    it’s a farce anyway. Russia was working with Hitler, and only changed sides when Hitler stabbed Stalin in the back.

  • Josephbleau

    In Soviet Russia, you rain on clouds!

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