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With Allies Like These...
The Greece-Turkey Rift Widens
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  • Jim__L

    So which side is Russia on, in this case — the Orthodox, or the strongman?

    They’re going to have to make a choice, and it won’t help them with the other side.

    • ——————————

      Russia has been picking the wrong allies and doing the wrong thing for eternity…which is why they are where they are despite what they have resources-wise…so I would be surprised if they make a beneficial decision now….

    • D4x

      The Greek Civil War 1946-49 was a key reason for Turkey’s inclusion in NATO. Still, Putin’s Russia wants to revert to championing Orthodox Christianity, so, my bet is Russia staying silent on THIS issue.

      Historical blowback aside, everyone (historically), except for Germany, hates the Turks, especially Russia, Greece, Armenia, Syria, and the former Ottoman Empire….

  • Fat_Man

    As far the US is concerned, we should not be concerned if the Greeks and Turks kill, cook, and eat each other.

    • Isaiah601

      Greeks gave a lot a long time ago. Turks are just Islamists. I think if I had to pick a dog in this fight, it would be the Greeks. A less smelly turd sandwich.

      • Fat_Man

        It is a real good opportunity for us to mind our own business.

        • Isaiah601

          I’m afraid that having a Western country be attacked by a Muslim Turkey is our business, whether we like it or not. We all have to deal with things that we would much rather not exist.

          • Fat_Man

            Can’t bring myself to care. The Greeks need to get the EUniks or the Russians to bail them out. Uncle Sugar needs to stay home.

          • Isaiah601

            Although I do not share your sentiment, I do understand and totally sympathize with it.

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