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After Brexit
EU to UK: All Your Money Are Belong to Us
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  • f1b0nacc1

    To quote Tonto…”What you mean ‘we’, white man?”

    I for one would be perfectly happy to see the UK and the EU have a delightfully acrimonious break-up, preferably with as much conflict (short of tossing nukes about) as possible. The EUnicks should be told in no uncertain terms that they have very little say in what happens when an independent state withdraws from their compact, and the more aggressively the Brits demonstrate this, the better. The Western Alliance System(tm) has long since outlived its usefulness, and now serves primarily as a sinecure for third rate eurotrash politicos who couldn’t get elected as dog catcher in their home countries.

    The folks in Foggy Bottom might be appalled by this, but pretty much everyone else should welcome it. It is in our interest that those nations which establish a beneficial trading relationship with us prosper. As for the others, well….

  • Unelected Leader

    LOL. If the UK pays a bunch of EU frauds even €10 then they’re losers. Sorry. Just true. In fact, Trump should speak up for the UK and say “I’m still waiting for our money, Abdullah Merkel. You’re still not going to commit 2% of your roaring economy to NATO?…that’s cool. Then sit down and shut up, Abdullah”

  • rheddles

    What Western Alliance? If the split ends up being so bitter the US no longer has to pay the German defence bills, all the better. And if it leads to closer integration of the five eyes, better still. If the Scots want to team up with the Germans they deserve the consequences. Greece with snow.

  • Boritz

    In his recent appearance before the EU Parliament in Brussels Nigel Farage accused the body of behaving like “the mafia”. He told them we aren’t your hostages we are free to go. He was told in reply and to applause that the EU has not hurt Britain. Britain was hurting the EU.
    Events speak for themselves.

    • f1b0nacc1

      Well, Farage was being insulting comparing the EU to the mafia….

      The mob has principles, the EU doesn’t….

      • Andrew Allison

        A minor caveat: Brussels has the same driving force as cancer, namely grow at all costs. The EU has committed suicide by enlargement.

    • LarryD

      If it were true that Britain was hurting the EU, the EU would have been trying to throw Britain out.

  • FriendlyGoat

    The fifty-two percent in UK who voted for “leave” did not know how negotiations will go and they still don’t. No one does.

  • Andrew Allison

    It’s all just posturing at this point, negotiations won’t even begin until after the UK election in early June.

    • f1b0nacc1

      Of course barring an asteroid strike, the Tories will be in even a stronger position after the elections, and May is far, far less likely to be willing to put up with the EUnicks…

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The Socialist Welfare States of the EU and the Euro, are stagnate and increasingly violent. The fact that they are trying to Extort Money from Great Britain just to leave, is proof of a criminal and dishonorable system that needs to die sooner rather than later.

    Trump has already told Great Britain that he would give them a Great trade deal.

    Great Britain should just leave while throwing the EU the Finger, if they don’t stop trying to Extort money from them.

  • Angel Martin

    Angela, Jean-Claude, i got your 100 billion right here !

  • Curt A.

    And if they don’t…….what are they gonna do about it? Talk is cheap.

  • PierrePendre

    Keep in mind that the Financial Times has been the house organ of the EU Commission since the 1970s and Brexit has been an electroshock to all of the newspaper’s assumptions about the direction of Europe. Just as there is a transnational EU political class that underpins the EU, there is a transnational EU media class which underpins both. The FT, the Guardian and the BBC are reliably anti-Brexit but there is no sign that the British electorate are suffering buyer’s remorse over the referendum decision despite the relentless efforts of the Remainers and their media allies to frighten them with speculation about the consequences. It costs the Commission nothing at this stage to threaten Britain with an exit tax of €60-€100 billion but it knows that no sum like that would ever be agreed. Nor would the British be cowed into changing their minds to avoid it. Even if the actual terms of divorce have still to be settled, it is an integrated fact in the UK and the EU that Britain has left because a majority of its people have clearly opted to do so. The inescapable flaw in the Remainers’ case is that if Brexit were reversed, that same majority would have to be in favour of Britain being subsumed in the coming Federal Europe, the very fate they rejected. It’s not going to happen and if the Commission were allowed to impose a nuclear divorce, which the EU political leaders would not anyway permit, the consequences for Europe would be as bad as for the UK as EU member states realised the full extent of the bureaucratic madness they have trapped themselves in.

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