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Wonder Worm
Making Green Solutions from Fish Bait
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  • D4x

    Biomimetics brought us Velcro, and synthetic spider silk stronger than steel has advanced. This is an exciting field of technological breakthroughs that is seriously under-reported. Maybe scientists should have stuck to Biomimicry to get more attention, easier to pronounce and spell than Biomimetics.

  • Jim__L

    There’s a huge amount of chemical energy bound up in those long organic molecules. I’m not surprised something can release it.

    For any critter that can learn to eat plastics, the world is a really really tasty place. =)

    • D4x

      There goes all that vinyl siding…

      • Jim__L

        Yeah, that might end up being a problem. We’ll have to see.

        • rheddles

          A feature, not a bug. Well a bug with a feature.

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