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Peaceful Rise
Xi Reshuffles Chinese Military
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  • KremlinKryptonite

    Xi has been having trouble controlling the military for years. As early as 2014 he invoked the 1929 Gutian Conference (when the PLA was supposedly made subordinate to the Party). Not a good sign that the General Secretary of the Party needs to even bring it up. Besides that, the PLA is and has been rampant and rife with corruption, just like the Party. Officer ranks are sold. They are an investment. A colonel who buys himself a star now has more control over resources or procurement to enrich his family in the “private sector.”

  • D4x

    Let us all hop Xi has not used Tom Clancy’s 2012 “Threat Vector” as his model for electronic warfare.

  • QET

    Nevertheless, Xi persisted

    Well done.

  • Fat_Man

    “the goal of both purging the ranks of corruption and modernizing the PLA for a 21st century threat landscape”

    My guess is that the above is the bovine dejecta Xi is using to cover his moves and that his number one goal is to pack the military with regime supporters and prevent a coup or a power play.

  • Kevin

    The dilemma he faces is that a high tech Air Force and navy are essential for projecting power but the CCP ultimately relies on a large army to quel unrest. A high tech air force and navy are not as useful in this role as huge force of (loyal) infantry.

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